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How to quickly save Outlook emails to an external hard drive

Saving Outlook emails to an external hard drive is a useful way to back up and transfer emails from one Outlook account to another. In this article, meohay.vn will share with you how to save emails from Outlook to your hard drive or Windows desktop. The methods in this guide work for MS Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019.

Download 1000+ beautiful, popular, and easy-to-install Vietnamese fonts for your computer.

If you're in search of beautiful and commonly used Vietnamese fonts, look no further than this collection of exceptional Vietnamese fonts shared in this article. These are all well-designed, versatile, and easy to pair in various designs, whether it be for fun images or professional purposes.

How to easily turn off spell check in Word with simple steps

How to disable spell check in Word? Typically, when you make a spelling mistake, red underlines will appear below the text. In this article, FPT Shop will guide you on how to turn off the spell check feature in Word with just a few simple steps.

What is Watermark? How to Insert and Remove Watermark in Word

You spend a lot of time writing your masterpiece and don't want it to be copied or used without your permission. So why not try using Watermark, a free feature provided by Word. In this article, let's explore what Watermark is and how to use this feature with FPT Shop.

Step-by-Step Guide on Embedding an Excel Table in Word with Easy-to-Follow Video Tutorial

Are you struggling with inserting an Excel table into a Word document to illustrate your homework assignment or presentation? No worries because this article will guide you through the detailed steps to do it.

The Quickest Way for Word Newbies to Delete a Column

It is common for people to look for ways to delete columns or cells in Word when working with tables. Although it may seem like a simple task, not everyone is familiar with it, especially those who are new to Word.

An Easy Guide to Separating Thousands in Word and Some Tips to Keep in...

Number formatting in Word makes data easier to read and understand, especially when working with large numbers. Additionally, number formatting also adds a professional touch to your text. Let's explore two ways to format numbers in Word right away!

Interesting Facts About A4 Paper Size

The A4 paper size is an essential paper format in offices and various industries. Even though it is widely used, do you know the exact dimensions of an A4 paper and how to select the right printing standard? Let's explore all the information about this paper size with FPT Shop!

What is the size of A3 paper? How to choose the correct A3 paper...

While A3 paper size is quite widely used, not everyone is familiar with the standard dimensions or how to accurately choose A3 paper in Word. So let's explore this topic with FPT Shop through the following article.

How to create a quick and efficient Word quiz for beginners

When you want to create a quiz on Word but don't know how to do it? Have you learned how to make a multiple-choice quiz, create checkboxes on Word using Symbols or Shapes yet? Follow the article below and FPT shop will guide you on how to make a quiz on Word quickly!

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