Download 1000+ beautiful, popular, and easy-to-install Vietnamese fonts for your computer.

If you're in search of beautiful and commonly used Vietnamese fonts, look no further than this collection of exceptional Vietnamese fonts shared in this article. These are all well-designed, versatile, and easy to pair in various designs, whether it be for fun images or professional purposes.


Among the hundreds, if not thousands, of design resources available, including fonts, there are many beautiful, attractive, and uniquely designed fonts. However, unfortunately, many of these beautiful fonts cannot be accurately displayed when used for typing in Vietnamese.

A common issue is font errors in Word, which can make text difficult to read. The reason for this is that these fonts have not been fully “localized” for Vietnamese. To fix font errors in Word, the only solution may be to use fonts that have been fully localized. As a result, there is a high demand for localized Vietnamese fonts to serve design, learning, or work purposes.

Not all localized Vietnamese font sets are free for users. Some specially designed localized fonts with unique strokes, styles, boldness, and elegance may require a fee. However, there are also popular and widely shared sets of localized Vietnamese fonts available for free from designers and users.

In this article, FPTShop will share with you a collection of more than 1000 beautiful and versatile localized Vietnamese fonts for all users. But before downloading localized Vietnamese fonts, let’s take a look at some of the localized Vietnamese fonts on this list.

Compilation of beautiful and versatile localized Vietnamese fonts

UTM font family

The UTM font family is a Vietnamese font abbreviation for Universal Thien Minh with a variety of unique styles. It is a very popular font family for most interior and exterior designers and construction designers.

SFU font family

A popular font family in graphic design and websites due to its versatility and suitability for different purposes. This SFU font family contains many Serif fonts with beautiful and suitable legs, making them ideal for catalog design, invitations, etc.

HLT font family

The HLT font family is well-known for its suitability for creative, innovative, and unique designs. This is because the font family contains many creatively styled handwritten fonts, as well as classical Vietnamese fonts with many soft and gentle features. It would be wonderful to use these fonts to create emotional images, quotes, or on images full of sentiment.

iCiel font family

This is one of the Vietnamese fonts with high applicability in design. However, in reality, iCiel is not the name of a font set; it is actually a famous forum specializing in designing and localizing popular fonts.

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This community is a place where graphic design enthusiasts contribute free localized Vietnamese fonts to a large number of users. Usually, iCiel fonts will have the iCiel prefix, followed by the original name of the localized font.

SVN font family

The localized SVN font set possesses unique designs, offering users a selection of fonts for effective and professional document design and editing. Some beautiful SVN fonts include SVN Gotham, SVN Harmony, and SVN Helvetica. In particular, Helvetica font is highly regarded for its applicability in traditional documents and even logos of major brands such as Panasonic, BMW, Toyota, American Airlines, etc.

UVF font family

For designers, they undoubtedly know the UVF localized font family. The UVF localized font family has many beautiful fonts such as Voyage, Slim Tony, Blenda Script, and many other classical Vietnamese localized fonts. These fonts are suitable for creating attractive and impressive design works, logos, banners, and posters.

VNF font family

This is a popular localized font family with fonts like VNF Shelia, VNF-Buttermilk, VNF-Sofia, and VNF-Valentina. They are all fonts suitable for designing emotional images, inspirations, beautiful posters, and banners.

Download the full collection of over 1000 localized Vietnamese fonts HERE.

How to install localized Vietnamese fonts on your computer

Installing localized Vietnamese fonts on a computer is not much different from installing traditional fonts.

Method 1: Drag and drop fonts directly into the Fonts folder on Windows.

After downloading the font on your computer, press and hold it, then drag and drop the font directly into the Fonts folder on Windows. The path to access the Fonts folder on Windows is as follows: C:\Windows\Fonts.

Method 2: Install fonts on your computer using the context menu

Right-click on the font you want to install on your computer and select Install to install the font.

Method 3: Drag and drop fonts directly into the Font settings (applicable to Windows 10 and later).

Follow these steps: Press the Windows key to open the Start Menu > type “font settings” to access the Windows font settings page. Here, you will find a comprehensive page of installed fonts on your computer.

Drag and drop the font you want to install into the Drag and drop to install section to successfully install the font on your computer.


Through this list of compiled localized Vietnamese fonts shared here, you now have more amazing fonts for beautiful image designs, posters design, product promotion catalogs, photo albums, document editing, etc.

It is also important to note that there are many localized Vietnamese fonts available, so search, filter, and choose the localized Vietnamese fonts that you find suitable and useful for your purposes. Avoid installing too many fonts that may slow down your computer and consume system resources.

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