Thai Am Astrology: Wealth and Prosperity for 3-Year-Olds, Luxurious Life for 1-Year-Olds in 2024

Thai Am is one of the most significant constellations in astrology, carrying many meanings about the success or failure of one's destiny. In 2024, there are four lucky zodiac signs that Thai Am will shine upon. They will reap double the wealth and prosperity.


Which zodiac signs does Thai Am star belong to?

The Thai Am star in horoscope belongs to the Water Element, it is the ruler of the Palace of Property, and is known as the Wealth Star or Vitality Star. For men, it represents the Wife Star, the Wealth Star, and brings luxurious enjoyment in life.

When the Thai Am star shines on a person’s destiny, they often have the opportunity to accumulate wealth. Especially for men, they may receive help in terms of money and career, and if they are of marriageable age, they may start a family. For women, if the Thai Am star shines on their destiny, it indicates strong career development, success in both fame and wealth, and the ability to have children. Those who work in real estate, renovations, repairs, and construction will benefit greatly.

In the year 2024, the Thai Am star will shine on the following zodiac signs for both men and women:

Thai Am star in 2024 for women:

Quy Ty (2013)

Tan Ty (2001)

Nham Than (1992)

Quy Hoi (1983)

Giap Dan (1974)

At Ty (1965)

Binh Than (1956)

Dinh Hoi (1947)

Thai Am star in 2024 for men:

At Mui (2015)

Binh Tuat (2006)

Dinh Suu (1997)

Mau Thin (1988)

Ky Mui (1979)

Canh Tuat (1970)

Tan Suu (1961)

Nham Thin (1952)

The luckiest zodiac sign in the first place: Hoi

In Eastern culture, the zodiac sign Hoi is often associated with wealth and abundance. It is believed that those born in the year of Hoi have a natural inclination for financial success and often encounter good luck in money matters. With their hardworking nature and ability to enjoy the finer things in life, they become skilled in managing and accumulating wealth.

In addition, the Hoi zodiac sign is also highly regarded for its honesty and generosity. They are willing to help others without expecting anything in return. With such a positive mindset, they are likely to meet helpful people on their life journey and achieve success in various aspects of life.

According to feng shui experts, in the year 2024, the Hoi zodiac sign is predicted to have the most luck and achieve great accomplishments in their careers. Along with these successes, their income will significantly improve. Those in business will have opportunities for big contracts, and those with salaried jobs will have attractive promotion opportunities.

Of course, to achieve these accomplishments, individuals of the Hoi zodiac sign must remain vigilant and seize opportunities to turn them into reality.

The luckiest zodiac sign in the second place: Than

Similar to the Tý zodiac sign, in the year Quý Mão 2023, people of the Than zodiac sign may face challenges and experience stagnant progress, with situations leading to deadlocks and missed opportunities that hinder their desired results.

However, things will change in 2024. Entering the final year of Tam Tai, the negative influences will gradually fade away, making the fortune of people born in the year of Than more prosperous in the year Giap Thin.

Being supported by the favorable alignment of Than – Tý – Thin, the Than zodiac sign will receive great blessings in the year Giap Thin. This combination will bring renewal and exciting advancements in their careers. With their intelligence, quick-wittedness, and vitality, those with the Than zodiac sign will easily seize opportunities and turn them into achievements.

Furthermore, due to the harmonious alignment with the Tý and Thin zodiac signs, those in business who combine their efforts with individuals born in the year of Tý will have even higher chances of success, as this is a prosperous year for both zodiac signs.

The luckiest zodiac sign in the third place: Tý

The last months of the year Quý Mão 2023 will bring some challenges to those born in the year of Tý. If they overcome these challenges, they will experience great success in the year Giap Thin 2024. People of the Tý zodiac sign have many opportunities to achieve the desired profits from investment opportunities, as their instincts and adaptability help them seize lucrative opportunities. Creativity and diligence are essential factors for those born in the year of Tý to easily attain achievements in the coming year, but they also need to be cautious in managing their finances to avoid asset depletion.

In 2024, this zodiac sign will have many trips that bring joy, whether for business or leisure purposes. People born in the year of Tý can learn valuable lessons from their relationships, and it is important for them to learn how to invest their time to find valuable supporters on their upcoming journey.

The luckiest zodiac sign in the fourth place: Mùi

For individuals born in the year of Mùi, the last two months of the year Quý Mão will be relatively smooth and peaceful, while the year Giap Thin 2024 will be filled with positive things and optimism. This is the time when people born in the year of Mùi need to focus on self-discovery and personal development, ready to embrace a potential turning point that may come to them in 2024.

Although there may be some minor obstacles, individuals born in the year of Mùi do not need to worry too much because they know how to leverage their intelligence and abilities to overcome challenges easily. What the Mùi zodiac sign needs to focus on is pursuing their own goals rather than worrying too much about difficulties. The new year marks a period of brilliance in their careers or relationships, and they need to make important decisions that will bring about positive changes.

The information provided is for reference and experiential purposes only.

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