The Riddle: ‘In front of the house, there are five flowers. Even if one is not wealthy, they still have something to eat. What are the flowers?’

According to an ancient saying, if these five flowers bloom abundantly in front of your house, the owner will enjoy great prosperity.


Lucky Greetings from Daisy Flowers

Mum Daisy

Daisies are a common, inexpensive flower in our lives but were regarded by the ancients as the “quartet of flowers” alongside orchids, bamboos, and apricots.

Daisies not only come in various shapes, sizes, and colors but are also the most widely used flower in our daily lives.

During Tet and the arrival of spring, many people like to display chrysanthemums to welcome happiness and good luck.

Daisies also exude a romantic beauty, reflected in poetry, with a profound and meaningful essence.

In feng shui, daisies symbolize life, bringing prosperity, and welcoming good fortune into homes. Yellow daisies are highly popular when placed in front of houses during Tet and the arrival of spring.

It is believed that planting a few pots of daisies in your home can improve your life.


Gardenia plants are very popular in everyday life and are loved by many. People are attracted to these ornamental plants primarily because of their formal and benevolent appearance, as well as their auspicious meanings.

Although many people grow gardenias, few have seen them bloom. In fact, these plants can flower, and their blossoms are rather unique.

To make gardenias bloom, they must not be purely grown indoors. The plant needs to be at least 3 years old, with flowering periods occurring between May and November.

During this period, ensure that you provide sufficient fertilizer mix (preferably organic fertilizer) for your gardenia plants. Simply keep the plants healthy and regularly supplement them with a variety of fertilizers such as phosphorus, potassium, and copper compounds, while also exposing them to plenty of sunlight for a higher chance of blooming.

Monstera Deliciosa Plant

Monstera Deliciosa Flower

The Monstera Deliciosa plant is a columnar trunked tree species originating from West Africa. It is also known by various names such as the fragrant drape tree and the prosperity tree. This type of plant is often used for decoration in homes, offices, and commercial stores to bring good feng shui.

When displaying this type of plant inside your home, it is recommended to place it in the East or Southeast direction because the plant represents the Wood element, which brings a lot of luck and prosperity to individuals categorized under the Wood element. This is especially true when the plant is in bloom, indicating the arrival of wealth.

Not only is it suitable for those with a Wood element, but the Monstera Deliciosa plant also has a mutually beneficial relationship with the Fire element because Wood generates Fire. Thus, individuals who are categorized under the Fire element can also display this type of plant in their homes.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo has a meaningful name that embodies its essence. This type of plant represents abundant health, happy lives, and the growth and unity of family members.

Lucky Bamboo is a small plant but possesses enduring vitality. When its leaves fall to the ground, new roots sprout, becoming another plant that symbolizes longevity and endurance over time. As a result, this plant is widely planted as an ornamental plant and is often given as a gift during festivals and Tet.

Paper Flower

Paper Flower

In feng shui, the paper flower holds great auspicious meanings. This plant can bring luck to homeowners while warding off negative energy, ensuring peace and happiness for the family. Additionally, it symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

It is best to plant paper flowers in a corner of the courtyard, specifically the neglected corner, as the plant will cover and absorb all the negative energy in the house. Avoid planting the flower directly in the middle of the pathway.

You can also plant the flower at the entrance of your home. If the entrance is made of metal, the flower will absorb negative energy and ward off evil spirits, bringing peace to the family.

Frequently asked questions

Gardenias are ornamental plants known for their formal and benevolent appearance and auspicious meanings. While many people grow them, seeing gardenias bloom is rare. To make them flower, ensure they are not purely grown indoors, and the plant must be at least 3 years old. During the flowering period from May to November, provide sufficient organic fertilizer and adequate sunlight to increase the chances of blooming.

The Monstera Deliciosa is a columnar trunked tree species from West Africa, also known as the fragrant drape tree or prosperity tree. In feng shui, it is placed inside homes, preferably in the East or Southeast direction, as it represents the Wood element, bringing luck and prosperity. This plant is also beneficial for those categorized under the Fire element as Wood generates Fire.

Lucky Bamboo symbolizes abundant health, happy lives, and the growth and unity of family members. Despite its small size, it possesses enduring vitality, with new roots sprouting from fallen leaves, symbolizing longevity. This makes it a popular ornamental plant and a common gift during festivals and Tet.

Paper flowers are believed to bring luck to homeowners while warding off negative energy. They symbolize wealth and prosperity. In feng shui, it is recommended to plant them in a neglected corner of the courtyard to absorb negative energy. They can also be planted at the entrance, especially if it is made of metal, to bring peace to the family by absorbing negative energy and warding off evil spirits.
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