The Person with These 3 Talents Grows Italian Orchids Like a Flying Tiger, Prosperity Flows in Abundance, Money Comes in Like Water

According to the belief in feng shui, the orchid plant brings peace to the family, attracts good luck, and symbolizes the resilience of the human spirit.


Meaning of Feng Shui for Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo, also known as Dracaena Sanderiana or Ribbon Plant, is a plant that originates from tropical regions in South America. Nowadays, it is grown in many places around the world. The plant grows into a bush and can reach a height of about 30-100cm. The leaf stems grow from the base, with oval-shaped leaves that are dark green and pointed at the tip.

Lucky Bamboo blooms around 3-4 months. The flower stems are long, and at the top of the stem are white or green flowers, surrounded by the sheath leaves of the flower.


The plant can thrive in various environments, whether planted in soil or water, grown in shade or outdoors.

According to Feng Shui beliefs, Lucky Bamboo represents peace and brings positive energy to people, helping families avoid bad luck and misfortune.

This plant is known for its strong vitality and is a symbol of perseverance and continuous development. Growing Lucky Bamboo in the house signifies the hope for the homeowner to overcome challenges and achieve professional success.

Which destiny should plant Lucky Bamboo?


According to Feng Shui, people with Water and Metal destinies are very suitable for planting Lucky Bamboo. Therefore, people born in the years of Binh Ty (1936 and 1996), Quy Ty (1953 and 2013), Nham Tuat (1982), Dinh Suu (1937 and 1997), Quy Hoi (1983), Giap Than (1944 and 2004), Dinh Mui (1967), At Dau (1945 and 2005), Nham Thin (1952 and 2012), At Mao (1975) can plant Lucky Bamboo to seek good luck, attract wealth, and dispel bad luck.

In addition, people with a Wood destiny can also plant Lucky Bamboo. Some birth years with the Wood destiny are Quy Dau (1993), Nham Than (1992), Giap Ty (1984), At Suu (1985), Canh Tuat (1970), Tan Hoi (1971), Quy Mao (1963), Nham Dan (1962), At Mui (1955 and 2015), Giap Ngo (1954).

Notes when planting Lucky Bamboo


Lucky Bamboo is easy to plant and care for. Depending on the needs, homeowners can plant it in a pot or in the garden.

The soil for planting should be fertile and have good drainage. You can mix loamy soil with coconut fiber, charcoal, and organic fertilizer to enrich the soil.

Lucky Bamboo is drought-tolerant, so it does not need excessive watering. Watering once a week is enough for the plant. During rainy or cold weather, the amount of water can be reduced.

This plant can grow well in environments with low light or artificial light. However, to promote healthy growth, it is recommended to expose the plant to sunlight at least once a week.

In addition to planting in soil, Lucky Bamboo can also be grown in water. You can prepare a nutrient solution with clean water and place the plant in a glass container with enough water to cover the roots. Change the water once a week.

The information provided is for reference only.

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