Chicken That Should Never Be Purchased Due to Health Concerns

Chicken is a common food, present in many family dishes. However, if the chicken shows the following signs, it should not be purchased as it can affect health.


Do you often buy to cook delicious dishes for your family but do you know how to choose fresh and tasty chicken? If not, please refer to the following suggestions immediately, so as to avoid buying poor-quality chicken!

1Check the color of the chicken

When choosing to buy chicken, please observe the color of the meat to see if it is fresh. Fresh chicken will have a light pink or pinkish-white color, not dark. When the meat is cooked, it will be white or light brown, with no unusual smell.

Do not buy chicken with unnatural spots because the meat may have been infected. Absolutely do not buy chicken that is mushy, slimy, or has an unusual color.

Check the colorful chicken

2Check the smell of the meat

Chicken with an unpleasant odor (sulfur smell, dirty socks smell, or ammonia smell) is spoiled. Fresh meat will have a characteristic smell of raw chicken. Therefore, when choosing to buy chicken, please
pay attention to the smell of the meat before deciding to buy it.

Check the smell of meat

3Check the packaging of the chicken

If you buy chicken packaged at a store or supermarket, then you should not buy chicken packages with a damaged or torn film layer. Buy products that are still within their expiration date and are carefully packaged.

Besides, you also should not buy chicken with a swollen packaging part. Because the increase in air volume inside is due to the growth of bacteria. The chicken may have been spoiled by now and infected with bacteria.

Check the packaging of the chicken

4Tips for choosing delicious chicken

  • Choose chicken with a light pink color, without any bruises or mold. The chicken skin is pale yellow, with no bruises.
  • Fresh chicken will have a light, pleasant smell. Avoid buying chicken with an unpleasant or fishy smell.
  • Always choose chicken with the closest production date and a long shelf life.
  • Choose to buy chicken that is still elastic, not mushy.
  • Buy chicken from reputable stores or trusted suppliers to ensure quality.

Tip to choose delicious chicken

These are the signs to buy fresh, tasty chicken that we have put together. Hopefully, this article has provided you with much useful information.

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Frequently asked questions

Unpleasant odors, such as a sulfur, dirty socks, or ammonia smell, indicate spoiled chicken. Also, look for unnatural spots on the meat as this could indicate an infection. Check the packaging for tears or a swollen appearance, which could result from bacterial growth.

Fresh, raw chicken will appear light pink or pinkish-white. When cooked, the meat will turn white or light brown, with no unusual smell.

Look for chicken with light pink meat and no signs of bruising or mold. The skin should be a pale yellow color and intact. Fresh chicken will have a pleasant, mild aroma. Choose chicken with a recent production date and a long shelf life, and always buy from reputable stores or trusted suppliers to ensure quality.

Purchase carefully packaged chicken that is within its expiration date. Ensure the film layer is intact and the packaging is not swollen, indicating potential bacterial growth. Always store chicken in the refrigerator and follow food safety guidelines for handling and cooking.

Poor-quality chicken may exhibit unnatural spots on the meat, indicating a possible infection. The texture of the meat could be mushy or slimy, and the color may appear unusual. Avoid chicken with torn or damaged packaging, and always buy from reputable sources to minimize the risk of purchasing low-quality chicken.