Woman shocked to find intruder while sleeping in hotel

The woman was startled to discover a burglar in her hotel room while she was sleeping, despite feeling secure with locked doors and being cautious.


A woman was awakened from her sleep in a hotel room in Johor Bahru (Singapore) by an intruder shining a phone flashlight.

Cecilia shares her experience of being intruded in a hotel room at midnight

Cecilia, who declined to give her full name, said the incident occurred at 3am at the KSL Hotel & Resort and was “not a ghost story”.

The 35-year-old woman said that while she was sleeping with her husband and 21-month-old child, she suddenly heard a noise coming from the door, according to Asia1.

“I saw a man walking towards our bed. Despite some light coming from the bathroom, I couldn’t see his face.

When I screamed to wake up my husband, the man turned on his phone camera and looked at us for a moment. He left after realizing he had entered the wrong room,” she recounted.

Both she and her husband felt frightened and stunned after the incident. They reported the incident to the hotel management and requested to check the security cameras. However, the hotel said that the cameras did not capture anything.

After the incident, the hotel management offered to upgrade the couple’s room to a higher category for the remaining days.

“Both of us felt something strange. Fortunately, we are safe and nothing was taken,” she said.

Video of Cecilia sharing her story attracted over 290,000 views on social media and thousands of comments.

“Always remember to lock and latch your hotel room door before going to bed”; “Place some items like clothes hangers, towels at the door as an extra layer of security while staying at a hotel”… online users commented.

Things to do to ensure safety when staying at a hotel:

Check the door lock: When entering a hotel room, first check the door lock. Make sure they are secure and in good working condition. Check both the main lock and any additional security chains or bolts.

If there is any problem, immediately inform the hotel staff and request a room change or repair. Place items like TV remote control, towels, clothes hangers… on the door handle to help you detect if someone intrudes.

Check the bathroom: Check the lock on the bathroom door to ensure privacy. Also, check any ventilation pipes or suspicious openings that may contain hidden cameras.

Check for hidden cameras: Take the time to check the entire room for hidden cameras. Pay attention to items such as smoke detectors, wall clocks, power outlets, or any other objects that seem out of place.

Check the phone line and emergency services: To ensure safety, check if the phone line in the room is working. Make a call to the reception or emergency services to test. Observe the emergency exits and the location of the fire extinguisher in case of emergency.