The truth about hotel surveillance mirrors: check now to ensure safety

Check the mirror in the hotel room to promptly detect if you are being observed.


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Haley Michelle Williams, an airline stewardess, shared the safety tips she often applies when staying at hotels. Her sharing video has attracted over 13 million views and over 8,000 comments.

She said that day she needed to stay a few nights in the city, so she booked a budget hotel. She usually leaves her luggage at the door when entering the room for inspection, but that day she immediately locked the door as soon as she entered.

After locking the door, she checked under the bed and then checked the mirror to see if it was a two-way mirror or not.

Next, she circled the room and placed the TV remote control on the door handle. She said she placed the remote control on the door handle so that if “someone tries to turn the handle” in the middle of the night, it will fall and wake her up.

She also shared other safety tips including covering peepholes with a cloth or closing the curtains… Among them, she emphasized the importance of checking the mirror to detect two-way mirrors.

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Two-way mirrors are used in many fields. However, they can pose certain hidden dangers when used to monitor others.

Bad people can place these mirrors in motels or hotels. That’s why when you go out, you need to understand what a two-way mirror is, and learn how to recognize it to ensure your safety.

How to identify a two-way mirror

Many people believe that touching the mirror with their fingertips is enough to help them check if it is two-way or not. If there is a gap between the two ends of the fingernails (the reality and the image in the mirror), it is a real mirror.

If the two ends of the fingernails intersect, without any gap, it may be a two-way mirror. But in fact, this method is not sufficient to differentiate.

First, you need to determine where the mirror is located compared to the wall plane. Usually, a two-way mirror is not hung on the wall but is a plane that is flush with the wall or partition. If the mirror extends out from the wall, it’s just a normal mirror.

Then, you have to check the light. Turn off the lights in the room, use your phone or shine a flashlight on the mirror. If the light can pass through to the other side, it is a two-way mirror, but if it can reflect the light back, then you can rest assured that it is just a normal mirror.

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