Expert Suggests Removing TVs From Hotel Rooms For This Reason

For extra precaution, unplugging the TV in your hotel room when you first check in is a must. Read on to find out why this is so important.


Hotels are commonly chosen as a place for individuals to rest while traveling or on vacation. Unfortunately, there have been instances where hidden cameras have been set up in hotel rooms, with the private videos of customers being circulated for malicious purposes. To protect yourself, it is important to unplug the TV plug as a precautionary measure.

1. Reasons to unplug the TV plug when checking into a hotel

Reasons to unplug the TV plug when checking into a hotelReasons to unplug the TV plug when checking into a hotel

Many people tend to overlook checking their hotel room, particularly the TV, when they stay in a hotel. However, this is an ideal location that criminals often choose to hide hidden cameras. Here are a few reasons:

  • Convenient position: TVs are typically positioned in the center of hotel rooms, providing a wide viewing angle. This allows criminals to effectively gather information about the activities and privacy of customers.
  • Popularity and uniformity: TVs are a common device found in hotel rooms and are likely present in most rooms. This makes it easy for hidden cameras to be placed within the TVs and difficult to detect.
  • Wireless communication: With the advancement of wireless communication technology, criminals can easily transmit images or videos from cameras hidden within the TVs to other locations without the need for cables or obvious connections. This makes it easier to conceal the presence of cameras and more challenging to detect them.

2. Common locations for hidden cameras

Common locations for hidden camerasCommon locations for hidden cameras

In hotel rooms, there can be several potential locations where criminals may hide hidden cameras. Here are a few examples of common areas that could be compromised:

  • TV: As mentioned earlier, the TV is a common location where criminals may place hidden cameras. Cameras can be concealed within the TV frame, TV lights, or other parts of the device.
  • Ceiling: Hidden cameras could be placed in the ceiling, often disguised within ceiling lights, pendant lights, ceiling curtains, or within areas with reduced lighting.
  • Mirror: Mirrors in hotel rooms can be a common location for hidden cameras. Cameras may be concealed within the mirror frame, mirror control buttons, or behind the mirror.
  • Table lamp: Table lamps within the room could also be compromised, with hidden cameras potentially concealed within the lamp body, switches, or power cords.
  • Furniture and decorations: Decorative items such as paintings, plants, wall decorations, or table decorations can be utilized to hide hidden cameras.
  • Electrical outlet: Criminals may exploit electrical outlets by concealing hidden cameras within switches, controllers, or outlet covers.
  • Electronic devices: Other electronic devices in the room, such as air conditioners, heaters, air purifiers, speakers, or any other electronic devices, could also be used to hide hidden cameras.

3. How to identify hidden cameras

How to identify hidden camerasHow to identify hidden cameras

  • Carefully observe under sunlight: If it is daytime, open all curtains to allow sunlight into the room. In case it is nighttime, turn on all lights. Pay close attention to every corner of the room and examine objects meticulously. If you notice any unusual spots, you can manually inspect them.
  • Use flashlights and phone cameras in conjunction with turning off all lights in the room: Checking your hotel room is a necessary precaution for your safety. If you discover any hidden cameras, please report them to the hotel staff immediately for prompt resolution. Stay tuned for more helpful information!