How to Identify Secret Surveillance Cameras in Motels and Hotels

If you're worried about the privacy of your hotel or motel room, Dien May XANH has some great tips for how to detect if there are hidden cameras present. Let's explore this important topic and find out more.


1. Look carefully around

When entering motels or hotel rooms, it is important to carefully observe and check the surrounding areas to detect any installed surveillance cameras. Popular places to install cameras include smoke alarms, books, tissue boxes, wall decorations, teddy bears, wall clocks, shelves, chairs, tables, and pens. It’s also important to check the area outside the bedroom, such as the door, roof, and doorbell. If you notice any suspicious lenses or objects, unplug them immediately.

Look carefully around

2. Turn off the lights to observe the camera at night

To detect hidden cameras at night, you can turn off all the lights in the room and close the curtains to create a dark environment. Most cameras have LED lights that blink or shine in low light conditions, so by making the room as dark as possible, you can easily spot any cameras that may be present.

Turn off the lights to observe the camera at night

3. Using the application on the phone

You can install applications like Spy Spy, Glint finder, or Radarbot on your phone to detect hidden cameras. These apps emit a light signal that helps you identify camera lenses.

Use the app on your phone

4. Use your phone’s flash

You can also use the flash of your phone or a battery-powered device to detect hidden cameras. Turn off all the lights in the room, pull the curtains, and then use the flashlight to shine around the room. If you notice any light reflecting off an object, there may be a hidden camera present.

Use your phone's flash

5. Make a phone call

Another method to detect hidden cameras is by making a phone call. While walking in the room and talking on the phone, observe and search for any signal interference. If your phone experiences signal interference, it is possible that there is a CCTV camera in the area.


6. Using the remote control

You can use the remote control of devices in the room, such as the television or air conditioning, to detect hidden cameras. Place the remote control in alcoves or suspicious areas and press any button. If the LED signal on the remote control glows, there may be a hidden camera in the area.

Using the remote control

7. Use specialized equipment

If you want to invest in detecting hidden cameras, you can purchase specialized equipment such as detectors. These devices range in price and can be used by following the product instructions to scan the room for camera signals. When a camera signal is detected, the device will beep or notify you.

Some professional detector brands you can consider are JMDHKK and Spy Hawk, or smaller and easy-to-use detectors like Flyeego and KJB Security.

Use specialized equipment

8. Check the mirrors in the room

Be cautious when looking into mirrors in your hotel or motel room, as hidden cameras can be installed behind them. To detect cameras, place your nails on the mirror and observe the distance between your finger and the mirror. If there is a gap between your finger and the image, it is a real mirror. But if your finger and the image of the fingertip touch each other without any distance, there may be a hidden camera in the mirror.

Check the mirrors in the room

9. Using the phone camera

Using your phone’s camera can also help you detect hidden cameras in hotel rooms and motels. Turn off all the lights, close the curtains, and make the room as dark as possible. Then, turn on your phone’s camera and slowly move it around the room. If you see a bright spot on the phone screen, there may be an infrared camera installed in that area.

Use the phone camera

With these tips, you can ensure your privacy and detect hidden cameras when staying in hotels or motels during your business trips or travels.

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