The ultimate guide to selecting fresh, tightly packed and affordable cabbage

Cabbage is a delicious vegetable that can be prepared in many enticing dishes. To choose the freshest and most delicious cabbage, make sure to follow these helpful tips.


Cabbage is a type of vegetable that is sold a lot in the winter. Cabbage can be boiled, used in soups, stir-fried, pickled, used in salads, or used for wrapping meat… Each dish has its own delicious taste.

When buying cabbage, not everyone knows how to choose the freshest and highest quality ones.

The sellers have some small tips for choosing high-quality cabbage that you shouldn’t miss.

The color of cabbage


Good cabbage usually has bright colors. For white cabbage, you should choose ones with off-white or fresh green leaves, without any spots or yellowing. For purple cabbage, you should choose ones with dark and even colors, avoiding faded or pale ones.

The shape of cabbage

The shape of cabbage may vary depending on the variety. Generally, cabbage has a round and even shape. The heart-shaped cabbage will have a slightly pointed tip. Regardless of the variety, you should choose ones with even shapes, without any deformities.

The stem of cabbage

When buying cabbage, you should choose ones with firm and fresh stems. If the stem is dry and withered, it indicates that the cabbage has been harvested for a long time. If the stem turns brown, it means that the cabbage is starting to spoil.

Checking the tightness of cabbage


A cabbage is created by many layers of leaves rolled together. To choose a good cabbage, you need to check the tightness of the leaves.

When buying, press your hand against the cabbage to feel it. If the leaves are soft and easily collapsible, it means that the leaves are not tightly rolled. When holding the cabbage, if it feels light, it means that the inner leaves are also loose. The reason for the loose leaves is the weather not being cold enough. This type of cabbage can be used for stir-frying as the leaves are soft.

When holding the cabbage, if it feels heavy and when pressed it feels tight, it indicates that the layers of leaves are tightly rolled. This type of cabbage is suitable for making salads, pickling, or filling for dumplings.

Checking the smell of cabbage

This is a point that not everyone pays attention to. Fresh and good cabbage usually has a very light and fresh smell. You should not buy cabbage with a strong or sour smell as it indicates bacterial decomposition. In addition, if you smell a rancid smell from the cabbage, it indicates that it has been contaminated with pesticides.

Buy cabbage in winter

Cabbage is a vegetable of the autumn-winter season. When the temperature drops, cabbage can grow quickly and have the best flavor. Although nowadays we can buy cabbage all year round, eating vegetables in the proper season ensures safety and lower cost. Off-season cabbage is likely to be contaminated with chemical pesticides and the taste of off-season vegetables is not as good.

How to store cabbage

If you only use a portion of the cabbage, the remaining part should be lightly moistened and then put into a bag or a container with a tight lid and stored in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator. For cut cabbage, you should only keep it for 1-2 days.

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