The wisdom of the ancients: ‘Build your house facing the South, and prosperity will come even without effort.’ Why?

Certainly, of course. Many people are familiar with sayings like "a south-facing house brings prosperity" or "marry a gentle wife, live in a south-facing house"… Why is a south-facing house so popular?


South-facing house with good light

According to ancient beliefs, the South represents the yang while the North symbolizes the yin. To have good Feng Shui, a house or a piece of land needs to balance between yin and yang. However, determining the precise South direction is not an easy task. If it deviates slightly towards the East or West, it is still acceptable.

If it is not possible to build a South-facing house, having windows or creating a skylight facing South can also help enhance natural light for the house.

Building a South-facing house also brings benefits as it avoids direct sunlight from the East in the morning and from the West in the afternoon. At the same time, it avoids hot winds from the West and cold winds from the North. A South-facing house can therefore maximize the use of sunlight, ensuring a warm house in winter and a cool one in summer.

South-facing house with good ventilation

The tropical climate and monsoon winds with hot and humid weather in Vietnam make the South direction an ideal choice for building a house. It not only allows for good air circulation but also ensures sufficient sunlight.

A South-facing house makes living space comfortable: cool on hot summer days thanks to the wind from the Southeast and South, warm in winter by avoiding cold seasonal winds. This maintains good ventilation in the house, creating a healthy and pleasant living environment.

The South direction is prestigious and prosperous

In the Eight Mansions Feng Shui, the South is associated with the Càn trigram, a symbol of the heavens and the power of the sovereign, marking it as the direction of kings and rulers. In the Later Heaven Bagua, the South corresponds to the Li trigram – a symbol of light and fire. Ancient rulers often resided in the North and faced South to receive wisdom and insight in governing the country.

This reflects the belief that the South is related to prosperity, glory, and authority of a person, giving rise to the folk proverb “A South-facing house makes a good living,”

However, according to the Eight Mansions Feng Shui theory, the South is suitable for those who belong to the East group. Those who belong to the West group can also build a South-facing house if they know how to use Feng Shui measures such as Ba Gua mirror to improve their luck.

In Eastern spirituality, people often consider disasters to originate from the North, so they are cautious about this direction. Concerns about dangers from the North have created psychological pressure, making people reluctant to design the main door facing North.

Furthermore, a North-facing door can welcome cold and harsh air in winter from the North. Therefore, choosing the South direction for a house is a preferred choice.

*This information is for reference and personal reflection only.