Title: Ancient Wisdom: The Three Gifts That May Bring Misfortune and Bad Luck

Superstitions surrounding the act of gift-giving have long been a part of cultural folklore. The belief that certain gifts can bring bad luck and negatively impact relationships is an intriguing aspect of these age-old traditions.


When it comes to gift-giving, ancient proverbs advise against arriving empty-handed but also caution against certain gifts that may bring bad luck.

Avoid Giving Used Items, Even If They Are Valuable

While used items can be valuable, and sometimes more so than new ones, it is considered inauspicious to gift them. It implies a lack of respect for the recipient, suggesting that they are only worthy of hand-me-downs. This can create a rift in the relationship and bring bad luck to both parties.

Some gifts, though valuable, are best avoided

Giving used items may cause the recipient to feel disrespected, damaging the relationship and leading to a decline in well-being and reputation. If the relationship is important to you, it is best to gift new items. Only when there is a deep level of understanding and comfort should one consider giving used items. Gifting and giving are two different concepts in this context.

Ancient wisdom emphasizes the importance of maintaining a respectful distance in relationships, even when they are close. This way, potential conflicts or misunderstandings won’t cause as much hurt.

Bringing used items to someone’s home is also considered unlucky, as it is believed to bring misfortune to the host and oneself.

Avoid Giving Expensive Gifts

When visiting someone, it is advisable to give gifts that are commensurate with the relationship. Expensive gifts can create misunderstandings, be seen as bribes, and even cause legal troubles. They may make the recipient uncomfortable and fearful of your intentions, tainting the relationship. Such gifts can also create a sense of debt or burden, taking away the joy and replacing it with a feeling of obligation. Additionally, they could lead to legal issues.

A harmonious relationship is built on mutual support and sharing, without any sense of debt or burden. It is about giving and receiving equally.

Expensive gifts are not always the best choice

Gifts to Avoid According to Feng Shui

Certain items are considered unlucky according to feng shui. These include toxic plants like Dieffenbachia (trạng nguyên), spider plants (mạng nhện), and cacti, as well as items with inauspicious names. For example, in Vietnamese, “đồng hồ” sounds like “tống chung,” which means “to send off the dead.” Similarly, “ô” means “to disperse,” and “lê” implies cutting or separation. Gifts made of silver are also believed to symbolize a breakdown in relationships. Therefore, it is important to consider the symbolism and meaning of gifts to avoid any misunderstandings or bad luck that could strain the relationship.

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Frequently asked questions

Giving used items, regardless of their monetary value, can imply a lack of respect for the recipient. It suggests that they are only worthy of hand-me-downs, which can create a rift in the relationship and bring bad luck to both parties. It is believed to damage the trust and well-being of both the giver and the recipient.

Ancient wisdom considers it unlucky to bring used items to someone’s home. It is believed to bring misfortune to both the host and the giver, potentially damaging the relationship and causing a decline in well-being for both parties.

Expensive gifts can create a sense of debt or burden for the recipient. They may be seen as bribes or lead to legal issues, and they can also make the recipient uncomfortable, fearful, and suspicious of your intentions. A harmonious relationship is built on mutual support and equal giving and receiving, without any sense of obligation or debt.

According to Feng Shui, certain plants are considered unlucky, including Dieffenbachia, spider plants, and cacti. Additionally, avoid items with inauspicious names or symbolism, especially those that have negative connotations in the recipient’s language. For example, in Vietnamese, avoid gifts that sound similar to ‘tống chung’ (meaning ‘to send off the dead’). Gifts made of silver are also believed to symbolize a breakdown in relationships.