Top 5 popular movie download websites for free on mobile and computer in 2024

Downloading movies to your computer or phone can be made easier for many people through paid services. However, there are now many methods available to help users download movies for free to their devices. Here are some methods you can refer to.


For movie enthusiasts, finding a quality movie downloading website is an undeniable need. In this article, FPT Shop will introduce the most modern movie downloading websites for both computers and phones. These websites allow you to watch famous movies for free and quickly.

Top Free Movie Downloading Websites You Should Know

Currently, there are numerous interesting and exciting movie downloading websites on the market. However, the following 5 websites are guaranteed to meet your needs and bring satisfaction. is one of the leading online movie platforms today, with a diverse and popular collection of blockbuster movies from many countries around the world. In addition, the website has outstanding advantages such as fast access and the ability to download movies in HD quality on both phones and computers. This allows users to enjoy excellent entertainment experiences.

In addition, Netflix also offers many historical and mysterious movies to meet the diverse entertainment needs of viewers. The feature to save the viewing history helps users easily search for and re-watch their favorite movies. It brings personalized and convenient experiences.

However, to use this feature, viewers will have to pay a fee of 70,000 VND/month. This helps maintain and develop the platform, while providing high value to users through updating and providing rich and high-quality content. With a commitment to providing excellent and diverse entertainment experiences, is constantly developing and improving to meet the expectations of viewers. is a website that provides free movie downloads for both computers and phones. With a large daily traffic, has built a reliable and stable system, ensuring smooth access speed for users. The simple and user-friendly interface of the website helps users easily search for and download any movies conveniently on both phones and computers.

With a variety of movie genres from action, adventure to romance and comedy, meets the entertainment needs of all audiences. In addition, the website also provides various subtitle options and rich image quality for users to enjoy the best movie viewing experience.

With a mission to bring joy and entertainment to users, continuously improves and expands its movie library to meet the increasingly diverse needs of viewers. The website management team always makes efforts to maintain service quality and create a safe environment that does not violate copyrights for users. is a website owned by FPT Telecommunications Joint Stock Company. It stands out with its fast access speed, which is the biggest strength that few websites can compare. Up to the present time, FPTplay has continuously updated the latest movies, creating a rich repository from all film genres.

Watching movies on the website is less interrupted by advertisements while ensuring stable quality. The noteworthy point here is that everyone can use FPTplay completely for free. The website does not require monthly fees, bringing convenience and peace of mind to users. Therefore, the opportunity to experience this website should not be missed. is designed with a friendly and user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to search for and download their favorite movies quickly and conveniently. You just need to access the website, search for the desired movie, and proceed with the simple download process.

In particular, this website also provides a diverse movie library with various genres including action, adventure, horror, romance, animation, and anime… You can freely choose and download the hottest movies on the market with good image and sound quality. is one of the leading online entertainment platforms today, providing users with great entertainment experiences with thousands of diverse and high-quality movies. It offers a diverse collection of movies from different genres such as action, comedy, romance, horror, science fiction, and many others.

Each movie on this website is updated with sharp image quality and vivid sound, bringing an excellent movie viewing experience like in a cinema.

With a powerful server system, downloading movies on is fast and smooth, saving you time and allowing you to enjoy movies without interruptions. The website is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to navigate and search for movies. Finding and watching movies is more convenient and convenient than ever.

Using Free Movie Downloading Software

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a useful tool that allows users to download movies and various types of files from the internet. With intelligent multithreaded download acceleration technology, IDM allows users to download movies at the fastest speed possible. This helps save time and minimize interruptions during the download process.

The software is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy to use even for users without experience in using software. Adding download link, managing downloaded files, setting download options, or monitoring download progress are all done conveniently and quickly.

Furthermore, IDM not only supports downloading movies from famous movie websites but also allows users to freely add other movie download sources by adding download links. With this feature, you can download movies from various sources, expanding your movie storage library more diversely.

Currently, IDM offers a free trial package for the first 30 days so that users can experience and evaluate the software’s features before deciding to purchase the license. This allows you to use IDM with confidence and check if it suits your needs.

Downloading Movies for Free From YouTube

To download movies for free directly from YouTube, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Access the YouTube website and select the movie you want to download.

Step 2: Copy the link of the movie from the URL bar and paste it into a new tab.

Step 3: Replace the “https://www.” part with the two letters “ss” in front and press Enter. You will be directed to the interface to choose the appropriate download mode for your needs and devices.

Step 4: Click the Download button to complete the download process. This allows you to save time and use it quickly and efficiently on your computer.


Thank you for reading the article and referring to the reputable and quality movie downloading websites proposed by FPT Shop. In addition to the mentioned names, you can also visit other websites such as phim14, Vkool, HD online, etc. with diverse content and reliable image quality. We hope that the information in the article will help you find a suitable movie viewing address and have interesting experiences.

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