Troubleshooting Tips for Unable to Login to VNeID – Effective Solutions to Apply

The recent VNeID login issue has caused difficulties for users who need to use their electronic identity accounts. With the following 4 solutions, you will soon resolve this problem.


VNeID is no longer unfamiliar to users today as it gradually replaces other types of papers. This electronic identification application of the Ministry of Public Security is currently widely used on phones. Recently, the situation of being unable to log in to VNeID has occurred quite frequently, causing obstacles when needed.

Not being able to log in to VNeID originates from many different reasons and the solutions for each case are quite simple. Refer to the article to know how to handle it.

Causes and solutions for not being able to log in to VNeID

Your phone is not compatible with VNeID

If your smartphone is too old or has been used for quite a long time, it may no longer be compatible with the VNeID application, so you cannot log in. Currently, VNeID is only compatible with phones running Android 5.0 and above and running iOS 13 and above.

Entering the wrong personal identification number or password

Entering the wrong personal identification number or password is a very common situation that prevents VNeID from being able to log in. In urgent cases, users often press the wrong buttons and do not pay attention to the fact that it is incorrect information.

To fix this error, when the system reports incorrect login information, you just need to review it once, then enter the correct information and click Log in.

VNeID account has not been activated

Of course, if the account has not been activated, we will not be able to log in successfully to VNeID. The system will also report that you have not activated your identification account yet.

The fix is as follows: You access the VNeID website > Select the Activate account section > Enter information about your personal identification number (i.e., the chip-mounted CCCD) and the main phone number > Select Send activation request.

Forgot VNeID password

Forgetting the password will prevent us from logging in to VNeID. With this error, users have 2 ways to fix it. You choose Forgot password, then:

Way 1: Enter your phone number and personal identification number > Select the method to Receive verification information > Proceed to verify through the code sent to your phone.

Way 2: Choose the NFC authentication method immediately with the chip-mounted CCCD card.

In case you have lost your old device or your old device is broken, preventing you from logging in to VNeID on the new device, you can refer to the article How to log in to VNeID when you no longer have the old device to solve the problem.

With these 4 common errors and their fixes, hopefully you will successfully resolve the issue of not being able to log in to VNeID. If you have any questions or comments during the process, you can leave a comment below for FPT Shop to answer you.