Understanding: What is Macbook MDM? Simple ways to check if your MacBook has MDM installed.

Are you wondering what Macbook MDM is? Should you buy a Macbook MDM or not? How to check if your Macbook has had MDM installed before? FPT Shop will answer all of these questions in detail in this article, focusing on MDM and privacy rights when using a Macbook. Please refer to it for more information.


MacBook has now become one of the most popular and beloved laptop brands. Therefore, the market for buying and using used MacBook products is quite lively. When purchasing used MacBook products, you may have heard about checking for MDM on your MacBook or whether your MacBook has MDM installed. So what is MacBook MDM?

Understanding MDM and What is MacBook MDM?

What is MDM?

MDM (Mobile Device Management) or Mobile Device Management, is a management system that businesses use to monitor, maintain, and protect mobile devices used within their internal environment.

Company administrators have the ability to perform various important actions on any device that has MDM installed, including device lock and data management. MDM not only appears on devices such as iPhones and iPads, but also on laptops like MacBook. In addition, MDM also supports other computer brands like Windows and Android, but with less deep integration than on Apple devices.

What is MacBook MDM?

For Apple devices, MDM is usually more deeply integrated thanks to the management of the Serial number on each device. In products such as iPhone, iPad, MacBook, MDM is more commonly integrated to allow businesses to monitor and enhance security.

When a MacBook is affected by MDM, it means that the device has been installed and connected to a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system of an organization or business. If you are using a MacBook, you may encounter policies and restrictions applied by administrators or organizations, such as setting configurations, monitoring security status, and even the inability to erase data.

Should you buy a MacBook with MDM?

After knowing what MacBook MDM is, you may decide not to buy a MacBook with MDM. Because most people want to keep their personal computers unrestricted by device management policies and security imposed by an organization. Other reasons to consider when buying a MacBook with MDM include:

  • Ensuring privacy and personal data.
  • Ability to update to the latest software and programs.
  • Restricting installed background apps from organizations or businesses.

How to check if your MacBook has MDM installed?

To check if your MacBook has MDM installed, you can follow these two methods:

Method 1: Quickly check MDM on MacBook via Terminal

Use Terminal and type the command “Profile status-type Enrollment“.

If the result displays either “YES”, it means that the computer has been installed with MDM software. Otherwise, if the result is “NO/NO”, the device is normal. However, to be absolutely sure, you should perform an additional check using Method 2.

Method 2: Detailed MDM check on MacBook

To check in more detail, you can reset the device online with an internet connection. When logging into the internet for the first time after resetting, the MacBook will connect to Apple’s server to confirm its status.

If a “Remote Management” alert appears, your device has MDM. This method is highly accurate and is often used to evaluate the status of a MacBook.


Hopefully, through this article, you have a clear understanding of what MacBook MDM is and how to check if your MacBook has MDM installed. Before purchasing a MacBook, you need to check if the device has MDM to ensure privacy, personal data, and the ability to update to the latest software and programs.

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