Unveiling the Basics of Smartwatch Usage: A Simplified Guide to Unlock Its Potential with Minimal Effort

How to use smartwatches? The question asked by most smartwatch enthusiasts. The high application with convenient and useful features has shifted the trend from classic watches to smartwatches among users.


Smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular and widely used. Do you already own a smartwatch? If you do, but are unsure how to use it effectively, read this article from FPT Shop to learn all you need to know!

What is a Smartwatch?

A smartwatch (also known as a Smartwatch) is a wearable device that resembles a traditional watch but has advanced features. The device is powered by an electronic microchip and a touchscreen, and it can be operated with the same swiping and tapping gestures as a smartphone.

Smartwatches are incredibly easy to use. They are not only stylish timepieces, but they also provide users with real-time updates on news, weather, work, and health. Here are some of the key features commonly found in smartwatches:

  • Display time and date.
  • Receive notifications for calls, messages, and apps synced with the smartphone.
  • Take photos, listen to music, and customize wallpapers, etc.
  • Monitor the wearer’s health, including: Measuring blood oxygen levels, heart rate, blood pressure, tracking sleep quality, recording calorie consumption, distance traveled, number of steps taken, etc.
  • Set reminders for appointments, record voice memos, set alarms, and use a calculator.
  • Make emergency calls, share location, and access weather information.
  • Access the Internet, check email, listen to FM radio, and many other features that vary depending on the specific smartwatch model.

Things to Consider When Buying a Smartwatch

Compatibility with Smartphone

You need to ensure that the smartwatch you intend to purchase is compatible with your smartphone and its operating system. Currently, there are some smartwatch models and operating systems that are not compatible with each other. For example, Android phones can only pair with Android watches, while Apple Watch can only be used with iPhones.

Design and Style

Smartwatches offer a wider range of functionality than traditional watches. When choosing a smartwatch, consider your preferred design, whether you prefer a round or square face. You can also choose and change the watchband to suit your taste. For example, Apple Watch offers a wide variety of watchbands in different styles.

Smartwatch Build Materials

Many smartwatches are made with metal and reinforced glass to protect them from impact. However, if you plan to use your smartwatch for hiking or swimming, choose one with a rugged design and a suitable watchband.

Battery Life

Currently, there are many smartwatch models on the market, such as MiBand, which have a battery life of over 2 weeks. However, Apple Watch models have a shorter battery life. Consider the watch’s battery life to ensure optimal performance.

How to Use a Smartwatch in a Few Simple Steps

How to Power On and Connect to a Smartphone

First, we need to turn on the watch and connect it to the phone. The method for using and setting up a smartwatch will vary depending on the two operating systems.

For Android Operating System

Step 1: Download the compatible app -> Find and press and hold the Power button to turn on.

Step 2: Create an account -> click the Submit button.

Step 3: Select Set Language -> Select Agree to the manufacturer’s terms.

Step 4: Turn on Bluetooth -> open the Android Wear app -> find the appropriate pairing code.

Step 5: Accept the connection request -> Select Pair.

For iOS Operating System 

Step 1: Press and hold the Power button for about 2 seconds until the screen turns on.

Step 2: Tap on My Watch > Go to Start Pairing -> Turn on Bluetooth.

How to Install a Memory Card and SIM Card into a Smartwatch

Smartwatches are like miniature phones that can make calls, send messages, and receive notifications. Therefore, smartwatches require a memory card and SIM card to function.

  • Find a flat surface and spread out a soft towel on it to avoid scratching the watch face when you place it face down.
  • Remove the back cover of the watch and locate the memory card and SIM card slots. Insert the memory card and SIM card into the slots according to the direction of the engraved arrows.
  • When the SIM card fits snugly into the slot and you hear a click, the process is complete.

How to Set the Language on a Smartwatch


Frequently asked questions

Smartwatches offer a range of features, including displaying time and date, receiving notifications, taking photos, playing music, and monitoring your health. They also allow you to make emergency calls, share your location, access the internet, and much more. Essentially, it’s like having a smartphone on your wrist, with the added benefit of health tracking features.

Compatibility with your smartphone is crucial, as not all smartwatch models work with all phone operating systems. Design and style are also important, so choose a watch face shape and band that suits your taste. Consider the build materials, especially if you plan to use it for outdoor activities. Battery life is another key factor, with some models offering over 2 weeks of usage on a single charge.

The process varies depending on the operating system. For Android, download the compatible app, turn on the watch, create an account, set your language, and turn on Bluetooth. Open the Android Wear app and enter the pairing code. For iOS, hold the power button, turn on Bluetooth, and tap ‘My Watch’ to start pairing.

Place your watch face down on a soft towel to avoid scratching. Remove the back cover and locate the memory card and SIM card slots. Insert the cards according to the direction of the engraved arrows. You should hear a click when the SIM card is securely in place.

Yes, you can set the language on your smartwatch. The process may vary depending on the model and operating system, but it is typically done during the initial setup or through the settings menu.
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