Discover the Best 12 Homestays in Can Tho with Affordable Rates and Stylish Interiors with Natural Views

If you're looking for an affordable and delightful stay in Can Tho, you won't want to miss out on the incredible homestays this city has to offer! From the floating markets in the early mornings to the warm and welcoming people from the West Coast, Can Tho has unique cultural and historical traditions that will leave you with an unforgettable experience.


1 N&D Homestay

N&D Homestay

N&D Homestay is a beautifully decorated homestay with cardboard-themed rooms, offering a cute and pleasant atmosphere. The modern architectural design of the rooms provides a relaxing environment. Each N&D Homestay room has its unique decoration, showcasing interesting characteristics.

N&D Homestay, kitchen

Despite its location on the outskirts of the city, N&D Homestay is highly regarded for its quality service and beautiful design. Each room features a private bathroom equipped with a shower and a bathtub for a relaxing experience. Additionally, the homestay provides a kitchen for guests to cook their own meals.

2 Ut 12 Homestay

Ut 12 Homestay

Ut 12 Homestay impresses with its nostalgic decoration, featuring classic-style televisions that add a vintage touch. The exterior of the homestay is beautifully adorned with a blue wooden door and flowers hanging from the railing. The homestay also houses a charming and delicious cafe.

Room of simplicity and sophistication

The rooms at Ut 12 Homestay are located on the 2nd floor above the cafe, featuring a simple and sophisticated design. Each room has its own unique decoration, allowing guests to choose according to their preferences. The floors are made of laminated wood, and the bed and pillowcase designs are coordinated. The walls are adorned with appropriate wallpapers.

3 K2 Homestay Can Tho

K2 Homestay Can Tho

K2 Homestay Can Tho is conveniently located only about 1km from the city center. This homestay features a natural and youthful style, incorporating vibrant colors. The design combines modern and classic elements of Western houses, making it perfect for young explorers. The homestay also includes a cozy cafe in a small space.

K2 Homestay Can Tho space

The rooms at K2 Homestay Can Tho feature bright and youthful colors, creating a refreshing and pleasant ambiance. The rooms are fully furnished with amenities and personal touches. The terrace offers a stunning view of the city, perfect for enjoying the sunrise or sunset.

4 Mis Hotel

Mis Hotel Can Tho

Mis Hotel is located approximately 4km from the center of Can Tho city. Although it may not offer breathtaking views or spacious surroundings, the hotel stands out with its quality room decoration. Each room boasts its unique modern style.

Mis Hotel Can Tho

The dominant light tones, along with a harmonious combination of white, blue, and dark brown, create a soothing ambiance. The rooms feature unique iron decorations, and the homestay offers a terrace where guests can enjoy city views and breathtaking sunrises or sunsets.

5 Passé Homestay

Passé Homestay Can Tho

Passé Homestay is a renovated house with a distinct Indochinese architectural style. The small details, floor tiles, tables, and chairs all exude a nostalgic charm that transports guests back to bygone days. The homestay features lush green potted plants, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

This homestay is renovated from an ancient architecture.

The rooms at Passé Homestay feature a tranquil color scheme of white and gray. The overall decor is simple, with small potted plants serving both as decorative elements and air purifiers. The rooms offer a clean and airy environment, and some even have small balconies where guests can enjoy a cup of tea and conversations.

6 Queenie Homestay

Queenie Homestay

The space at Queenie Homestay is quite interesting, with numerous trees, flowers, and a spacious and airy garden area. The indoor space is large and beautiful, featuring a cozy terrace with a view of the city. Guests can take in a different perspective of Can Tho city from this vantage point.

Queenie Homestay bedroom

The main colors at Queenie Homestay are brown and white, creating a cozy atmosphere in the rooms. All furniture is made of wood, including bed frames, tables, chairs, and wardrobes, providing a natural and soothing environment. This homestay is particularly suitable for families due to its gentle and cozy design. Some rooms even offer windows with outside views.

7 Art Hotel Can Tho

Art Hotel Can Tho

Art Hotel is located in the city center, offering convenient access to various attractions without the need for transportation. The rooms feature a simple and elegant design, with light colors that create a clean and spacious atmosphere, in line with its name.

Art Hotel is located in the city center, so it is convenient to travel

Due to its central location, the hotel offers views of the main road from rooms with balconies. It is in close proximity to Ninh Kieu Wharf, night markets, commercial centers, and cafes, all just a few hundred meters away.

8 Mun’s Homestay

Mun's Homestay

Mun’s Homestay is located about 10 minutes by car from the city center. It offers clean and airy accommodations with appealing designs. Although the exterior may seem ordinary, the interior surprises guests with uniquely decorated rooms, each with its own architectural style. The homestay also provides kitchen and bath facilities.

Mun's Homestay Can Tho is an interesting place to stay in Can Tho

Despite being a bit far from the city center, Mun’s Homestay is surrounded by convenient facilities such as supermarkets, gyms, and cafes. The fully equipped kitchen allows guests to enjoy a natural cooking experience with a gas stove, refrigerator, dishes, pots, pans, and dining tables and chairs.

9 Lato’s Homestay

Lato's Homestay Can Tho

Lato’s Homestay combines homestay and cafe elements, creating an excellent place to stay in Can Tho. It is located approximately 4km from the city center, offering a unique retro and modern design style that exudes elegance and beauty.

Lato's Homestay Can Tho is a pretty good place to stay in Can Tho.

The rooms at Lato’s Homestay come in three types: single room, deluxe room, and superior room. Each room features its own distinct style, with the superior room boasting a classic design and the deluxe room adopting a blue and white color scheme. All rooms are equipped with television, sofa, air conditioning, refrigerator, and charming potted plants.

10 Happy Homestay Can Tho

Happy Homestay

Happy Homestay lives up to its name, offering a joyful and cheerful atmosphere. The homestay is adorned with numerous trees, creating a green and refreshing environment. Happy Homestay provides a calm and beautiful retreat, offering tranquility instead of luxury.

Happy Homestay with the meaning of happiness and fun

The rooms at Happy Homestay feature a unique design, with half of the walls covered in green leaves, providing a refreshing ambiance. The rooms harmoniously combine blue bed sheets with gray walls.

The outdoor area offers a cool garden with vines and a lovely lakeside view. Happy Homestay is an enchanting and comfortable place to stay during your visit to Can Tho.

11 Winter Spring Homestay

Winter Spring Homestay

Winter Spring Homestay provides an ideal place to enhance your Can Tho experience. Conveniently located 5km from the city center, this homestay offers easy access to famous tourist attractions in the city.

Winter Spring Homestay is an ideal spot

The homestay features a unique design that allows guests to experience the four seasons — spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Each room is adorned with landscape paintings portraying the distinct beauty of each season, immersing guests in the wonders of nature.

12 Nguyen Shack Homestay

Nguyen Shack Homestay

Nguyen Shack Homestay offers a Western-style experience, as one of the first homestays in Can Tho. It provides a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city, allowing guests to reconnect with nature, surrounded by green trees, ditches, and ponds. The homestay is situated approximately 10km from the city center.

Nguyen Shack Homestay Can Tho takes you away from the cramped city

The homestay boasts a simple and cozy interior design that reflects the pace of life in the western region. Each room is equipped with a large bed, fan, and refrigerator. The window offers a view of the garden and a small river. Guests can enjoy a refreshing swim in the small pool or simply relax by the lake, reading a book, sipping a cup of hot coffee, and enjoying the surrounding nature.

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These are the top 12 homestay places in Can Tho that are affordable, clean, and beautifully decorated. Make sure to visit them and share your experiences!