What are Flashcards? Simple and effective ways to use Flashcards for studying

What is a Flashcard? It is an effective learning method that many people use to enhance their knowledge and quickly memorize information. Flashcards are commonly used to learn vocabulary, terms, mathematical formulas, history, and many other fields of knowledge.


Flashcards are an effective learning tool widely used for studying foreign languages, vocabulary, specialized terms, and many other fields. Flashcards help learners access knowledge in a simple and flexible way. In this article, FPT Shop will explore what flashcards are and how to use them for simple and effective learning.

What are flashcards?

Flashcards are a popular learning tool used to help learners memorize information effectively. Designed as small cards, flashcards often contain pairs of vocabulary words, questions and answers, or other concise information.

Flashcards can be used in various fields such as language learning, exam preparation, or simply learning new knowledge. When using flashcards, learners must continuously review the information on the card and memorize it. This process stimulates the brain and creates strong connections between new information and existing knowledge.

Flashcards are not only for students, but also a useful tool for those who want to learn a new language. Using flashcards to memorize vocabulary and grammar helps learners quickly expose themselves to the target language and create strong associations between words and their meanings.

Design of a flashcard

Flashcards are an effective learning tool that many people use to improve their knowledge and easily remember information. Each flashcard consists of two sides, the front and the back, each playing an important role in the learning process.

The front of the flashcard usually contains the vocabulary, concepts, or questions to be memorized. This helps learners focus on memorizing specific information they want to learn. Writing concisely on the front creates high concentration during revision.

The back of the flashcard usually contains the answers, explanations, or detailed information related to the content on the front. When viewing the back, learners can test their knowledge and self-assess their level of understanding. Providing detailed information on the back helps learners gain a deeper understanding of the content they are learning.

Why should we use flashcards?

Here are the reasons why we should use flashcards in the learning and working process.

Convenience, study anytime, anywhere

One of the greatest advantages of using flashcards is their convenience. You can carry flashcards with you and study anytime, anywhere without the need for books or computers. This allows you to make use of every free moment to study, from waiting at the bus stop to lunch breaks at work.

Enhance long-term memory

The benefit of using flashcards is that they stimulate the brain by associating knowledge with images, vocabulary, or questions. This makes memorization easier and more long-lasting. When you repeatedly review flashcards, the brain gradually remembers the information and creates a solid knowledge base.


Compared to buying books or attending expensive courses, using flashcards is a low-cost learning method. You can create free flashcards from online resources or use free mobile applications to create and manage flashcards. This significantly saves costs in the learning process.

Diverse and rich

Flashcards are not limited to memorizing vocabulary, but can also be applied to various fields of knowledge such as history, mathematics, science, and many other areas. You can create flashcards containing the information you need to learn and effectively test your knowledge.

At the same time, using flashcards also helps you access different learning methods such as learning through images, listening and speaking, thereby enhancing your learning skills.

How to use flashcards for effective learning

The prominent feature of flashcards is to help you quickly memorize information, while reviewing and consolidating knowledge effectively. Here are some tips for using flashcards:

  • Select the topic to study: First, you need to clearly identify the topic you want to study. This helps you focus on learning in a systematic and effective way.
  • Prepare flashcards: After determining the topic to study, you can prepare flashcards by writing vocabulary words, questions, or important information on the front and answers or other detailed information on the back of the card.
  • Use flashcards daily: To study effectively, you should set aside a fixed amount of time each day to review and memorize information from flashcards.
  • Use suitable learning methods: There are many different learning methods that you can apply when using flashcards, such as the Leitner method, the Cornell method, the Feynman method, etc. You can experiment and choose the most suitable method for yourself.
  • Use online flashcard applications: Nowadays, there are many free online flashcard applications that you can use to create and manage flashcards conveniently. Using these applications helps you save time and increase efficiency in learning.


In conclusion, the above article has answered your question of what flashcards are and how to use them effectively. By using flashcards in a flexible and planned manner, you can improve your ability to memorize knowledge and make progress in your learning.

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