What is Engagement? Unlocking Fast and Effective Engagement Hacks to Try in 2024

What is engagement? It is a term used to describe the interaction, exchange, and transmission of information. This term has become widely used on social media platforms such as Facebook, Tiktok, Zalo, and many others. Knowing how to increase engagement can help individuals or businesses build a reputable brand on social media.


What is Interaction?

Social media has become an essential part of our lives. It allows us to share and exchange information, as well as express our opinions and ideas freely. In particular, the term “interaction” is frequently mentioned on these platforms. So, what exactly is interaction? Let’s dive into a detailed explanation with FPT Shop.

What is Interaction?

The meaning of the word “interaction” can vary depending on the context. Here’s a breakdown of its different interpretations:

Interaction in the Vietnamese Dictionary

According to the Vietnamese dictionary, “interaction” is both a verb and an adjective. When used as a verb, “interaction” refers to the reciprocal action between two entities. As an adjective, it implies communication and the exchange of information.

Interaction on Facebook

What does interaction mean on Facebook? It refers to the engagement and specific actions taken by people on the content you share. This can be expressed through likes, comments, shares, video views, post saves, message replies, calls, mentions, and orders. To interact on Facebook, you need to download and install the Facebook application on your device.

A high level of interaction on Facebook indicates that your content is of good quality and engaging to people. When building a brand on this platform, both individuals and businesses aim to attract as much interaction as possible.

Interaction on TikTok

Similar to Facebook, TikTok is a social media platform that allows users to share their content. This means that the TikTok community can access and interact with the content you share. Interaction can be shown through likes, comments, video shares, etc. if the content is positive. For negative content, users can choose to block videos, channels, or report accounts.

What is Interaction Bottleneck?

To attract interaction, content needs to be noticed by a wide audience. Limited interaction occurs when platforms reduce the reach of your shared content. Both personal pages and fan pages can experience this issue. The primary cause is usually a violation of the platform’s terms and policies, such as sharing inappropriate or prohibited content.

Importance of Interaction

In daily life and on social media, interaction represents the way people communicate and connect with each other. Therefore, interaction plays a significant role with various implications:

Interaction reflects the connection between individuals and communities.
High interaction enhances your brand’s credibility, facilitates business, and increases revenue.
On social media, building successful communities is largely dependent on content that generates a lot of interaction. This helps attract users and strengthens the group or page.
A high level of interaction also allows individuals and businesses to sell products more effectively. 

Quick Tips to Increase Interaction on Social Media

Share Useful, Engaging Content

Emotions play a vital role in human life. Therefore, compelling and engaging content will attract the attention of many readers. The content you share should reflect your personality and character. If the content is of good quality, it will garner a high number of interactions. Overall, content is the most important factor in increasing interaction, while other methods are merely supplementary.

Additionally, choose optimal times to post when more people are using social media. This way, your shared content will receive more views and interactions.

Interact with Others First

To attract interaction from others, you need to interact with them first. For example, you can regularly like, comment, and message your friends. By doing so, you will have a higher reach with people who frequently interact with you. This is known as cross-interaction.

Go Live

Most social media platforms now integrate a live streaming feature. Therefore, you should take advantage of this feature. When you go live, you have the opportunity to connect with a larger audience for sharing and chatting. This increases your chances of interaction and generates high engagement. Accordingly, many online sellers have successfully used this method to attract attention and interaction from customers.

Run Ads

If you feel that your content is engaging enough but the interaction is still low, try using ads. Although this comes at a cost, it will help your content reach a wider audience. This also significantly increases the potential for interaction.

Should You Use Interaction Boosting Services?

Besides using paid ads to increase interaction, many companies offer interaction boosting services. Aside from the advantage of increased interaction, this service also has some disadvantages:

Risk to account security.
Fake interaction through automated likes, which is meaningless.
Interaction boosting services can be annoying to you and your friends.
The cost of interaction boosting services can be quite expensive.

Therefore, before deciding to use this service, you need to consider carefully. Weigh your needs and budget to choose the right interaction boosting service.


The above information provides a comprehensive answer to the question: “What is interaction?” and offers tips to help you increase interaction quickly and effectively. With a stable level of interaction, you can easily build a personal brand and generate a significant source of income.

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Frequently asked questions

Interaction plays a significant role in our daily lives and on social media. It allows us to communicate and connect with others, reflecting the relationship between individuals and communities. Additionally, high levels of interaction can enhance your brand’s credibility, facilitate business opportunities, and increase revenue.

On Facebook, interaction refers to the specific actions taken by people on your shared content, such as likes, comments, shares, video views, and message replies. A high level of interaction indicates engaging content and a strong brand presence. Similarly, on TikTok, interaction is shown through likes, comments, and video shares for positive content, while users can block or report negative content.

An interaction bottleneck occurs when platforms reduce the reach of your shared content, limiting potential interactions. This usually happens due to violations of terms and policies. To avoid this issue, ensure your content follows platform guidelines and provides value to a wide audience.

  1. Share useful and engaging content that reflects your personality.
  2. Interact with others by liking, commenting, and messaging to encourage cross-interaction.
  3. Go live to connect with a larger audience and increase engagement.
  4. Consider running ads to boost your content’s reach.
  5. Use interaction-boosting services with caution, weighing the advantages against potential risks and costs.
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