“How to Create Music Easily on Tik Tok Using Just Your Phone in 5 Easy Steps”

Making your music application on Tik Tok stand out from the crowd? Bach Hoa Xanh has the answers! Check out these 5 simple and fast steps to help you create a unique music app for videos on Tik Tok.


Today, TikTok is one of the most popular social networks, constantly updating new features and effects to attract users. One of these popular features is the music wave effect, which is widely used by young people.

If you want to create music waves on TikTok, follow these 5 simple steps:

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First What is a music wave?

Music waves are visual effects that move and flash to the rhythm of the song around the photos you upload on TikTok. In addition, TikTok offers various editing effects to enhance the beauty of your videos, such as adding text and choosing new colors.

What is a music wave?What is a music wave?

2 How to create music waves on TikTok

Step 1: Open TikTok and select the video recording option.

Open TikTokOpen TikTok

>>> Click the MV icon and swipe left to select the wave effect – My favorite song.

Select video recording, select MV, select Create nowSelect video recording, select MV, select Create now

Step 2: Choose your favorite image and select a music track in the “Audio” section.

Choose pictures, choose music for videosChoose pictures, choose music for videos

Step 3: Add stickers and text in the “Stickers” and “Text” sections to enhance your video.

Select sticker, select textSelect sticker, select text

Step 4: Apply a color filter to your video in the “Color filter” section.

Choose a color at the Color Filter labelChoose a color at the Color Filter label

Step 5: Review your video, click “Next,” then “Post” to share your video.

Select Next, Select Post and you're doneSelect Next, Select Post and you’re done


We hope these 5 simple steps to create music waves on TikTok, as shared in this article by Bach Hoa XANH, have been helpful to you. Good luck!