What is POV? Decoding the trending POV phenomenon on TikTok

What is POV? POV has emerged as a phenomenon that helps content creators on TikTok achieve high views and likes. If you don't know what POV is, then follow the article below.


The trend of creative content on TikTok is increasingly asserting its position and using tools to make videos go viral is the top priority. Among them, POV has emerged as an extremely effective way to increase views quickly. Let’s clarify what POV is and how to make POV TikTok videos with FPT Shop.

What is POV? What does POV stand for?

To explain what POV is, POV is an abbreviation for the phrase Point of View. Depending on each field, you will have different perspectives. In another case, in electronic sports, POV camera also means the viewer is following the perspective of a player competing on the screen.

POV là gì? (Hình 1)

In terms of the essence of the term POV, you can understand it as the personal perception level of each Internet user on the social media platform, especially through video or images. POV is the influence and effect of images or videos through the viewer’s perspective.

The meaning of POV on TikTok

On the TikTok social network, POV is considered a powerful assistant for a TikToker. It is a technique used in the production of short films from 1-3 minutes, related to the experience of viewers in a certain scene from the perspective of a specific character.

POV là gì? (Hình 2)

Popular POV video clips often use real-life situations such as conversations with friends, relatives in the family, or with a loved one. The rest are completely used in the imaginary world including cosplay, horror film ideas, historical characters, or meticulously staged short skits.

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