Why should you not wear short dresses when flying? Veteran flight attendant reveals surprising reason

While flying regularly, not everyone knows the reason why we should not wear extravagant outfits or short dresses.


On hot days, many people choose clothing such as short dresses and shorts to create a cool and comfortable feeling when traveling by plane. However, experienced flight attendants advise against wearing these types of clothes.

Why shouldn’t you wear short dresses on a plane?

Flight attendants point out that short clothing such as shorts and dresses will expose passengers’ skin directly to the seat cushion. However, these seats are usually cleaned and disinfected at certain intervals, not regularly. Therefore, before “it’s your turn,” many people have sat on and touched these seats.

In addition, there are many areas on the plane that are not thoroughly cleaned and may harbor a significant amount of bacteria, posing a high risk of spreading diseases. Instead of wearing short dresses and coming into contact with bacteria, you can wear longer clothes and be more comfortable to minimize this “danger.”

Appropriate attire for air travel

Not only have flight attendants clearly explained why you shouldn’t wear short dresses or shorts on a plane, but they have also revealed that a T-shirt and jeans are comfortable, polite, and convenient clothing choices for traveling by plane. In case the flight is not too long and you still want to “dress up,” you can choose maxi dresses that are both beautiful and comfortable without being too revealing.

Moreover, breathable fabrics that absorb sweat are also very suitable for long flights. Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes or clothes made of hot and stuffy materials as they may make you feel tired.

Clothing to avoid when traveling by plane

Insufficiently warm clothes

To ensure passengers’ safety on flights, temperatures are usually lower than normal. Additionally, you may feel colder when sitting on a plane due to minimal movement or activity. Therefore, to ensure your health and be able to adjust your body temperature easily, you can choose thick clothes or wear multiple layers.

Tight clothing

If you want to have a comfortable journey, you should avoid wearing tight-fitting outfits. This is because the process of flying involves changes in pressure, which puts pressure on your blood vessels. This type of clothing can affect blood circulation and make you feel uncomfortable and tired.

Allergic fabrics

Few people know that certain fabrics are suitable for outings but can be uncomfortable and itchy when sitting on a plane for long hours. Therefore, you should choose clothes made of soft, breathable, and comfortable materials.

Inflammable clothing

You should avoid wearing clothing made of flammable materials such as thin fabric, rough fabric, linen, or cotton to ensure your safety in unexpected fire situations.

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Frequently asked questions

While it may be tempting to dress comfortably and casually for a flight, wearing short dresses or skirts can pose a safety hazard. A veteran flight attendant reveals that in the event of an emergency evacuation, short dresses can restrict your movement and expose you to potential harm. Additionally, the rush of escaping the plane can cause your dress to ride up, exposing your privacy.

It is advisable for women to wear pants or jeans when flying. This provides better coverage and mobility in the event of an emergency. If you prefer dresses or skirts, opt for longer styles that fall below the knee. Layering with leggings or tights can also add both warmth and modesty.

In addition to safety, avoiding short dresses can also contribute to your overall comfort during the flight. Airplane cabins can get chilly, and exposing your legs to the cool air for prolonged periods can be uncomfortable. Dressing in longer pants or skirts can help you stay warm and cozy throughout your journey.

When traveling by air, it’s important to prioritize both safety and comfort. While you may want to dress casually, consider the potential risks and exposures of certain clothing choices. Opt for attire that provides coverage, mobility, and warmth. This will ensure you are prepared for any situation and can enjoy a relaxed and secure journey.