7 types of vegetables that get more calcium when cooked thoroughly: Growing taller, 1m80 is just a “small matter”

The following vegetable varieties are highly nutritious and rich in calcium. Consuming these regularly can contribute to the growth and development of children, surpassing others of their age.


Bina lettuce: Bina lettuce, also known as duckweed, water spinach. In this type of plant, there is a very valuable nutrient, which is oxalate acid. This active ingredient helps reduce the absorption of iron and calcium in vegetables, but will be completely decomposed at high temperatures. Therefore, when cooked, the body will absorb iron and calcium to the maximum, especially helping children increase their height.

Mushroom: Cooking mushrooms when they are ripe will become easier to digest, even safe and nutritious. At high temperatures, the toxins in the mushroom will be completely decomposed and destroyed. Not only that, mushrooms also contain many nutrients such as potassium, niacin, zinc, magnesium, which will double during the cooking process.

Carrot: Carotenoids are strong antioxidants in carrots, and they will increase by up to 14% when boiled or steamed at high temperatures, helping to release more nutrients, making children eat more and grow taller.

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Asparagus fern: During cooking, antioxidants will increase by up to 16%, and even double the amount of phenolic acid, reducing the risk of malnutrition. That’s why you should never overlook asparagus fern and add them to your daily menu.

Tomato: Cooking tomatoes at high temperatures will significantly increase the amount of lycopene, an antioxidant that maximally protects the cardiovascular system.

Broccoli and cauliflower: Cooking ripe broccoli and cauliflower not only makes them easier to digest but also activates enzymes and increases the immune system. In addition, tomatoes contain a lot of vitamin C, enhancing antioxidant capacity for you.

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Potatoes: Potatoes are very rich in starch, vitamins, carotene, potassium… Cooking ripe potatoes will significantly prevent the increase of sugar in the blood. Therefore, you should never overlook this type of potato in your daily menu. However, potatoes have good nutritional sources, so if you are trying to lose weight, you should not eat too much.

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