End picky eaters and weak resistance in children, parents shouldn’t overlook Thach Wizee for tasty meals

On the journey of raising a young child, all parents have experienced confusion and anxiety when their child falls ill, refuses to eat, or has a weak immune system. Without timely intervention, children are prone to becoming malnourished and weak. Thach Wisee An Ngon, a product of Tín Phong Pharmaceutical, is one of the solutions to end the problem of picky eating.


Picky eating and poor resistance – A headache for parents

As parents, one of the biggest fears is when their child has a picky eating habit, eats poorly, and frequently gets sick. Because, when a child is sick, parents are extremely worried, even lose their appetite and sleep. There are many causes of picky eating, such as picky eating due to illness, picky eating due to psychological reasons, and picky eating due to physiological reasons. Regardless of the cause of picky eating, the consequences are negative impacts on the child’s health, resistance, and development.

Many parents understand that if they do not find a way to prevent this situation, it will seriously affect the comprehensive development of the child. It forms a vicious cycle: picky eating – poor resistance – sickness – picky eating again.

In the early years of life, children are prone to picky eating, slow growth, and frequent sickness, causing parents to worry

In the early years of life, children are prone to picky eating, slow growth, and frequent sickness, causing parents to worry

To end this situation, young parents need to actively seek measures and products that support both good eating habits and enhanced resistance for their children. Wizee Delicious Jelly is one of the few safe, easy-to-use products that bring significant results.

Wizee Delicious Jelly – The best nutrients for picky eaters

Wizee Delicious Jelly contains Lysine, Thymomodulin, Vitamin C, Bird’s nest, and Colostrum with abundant content. These are all nutrients that have been researched and proven to have remarkable effects in stimulating good eating habits, maximizing absorption, and enhancing effective resistance. Among them, Lysine – the leading active ingredient with the effect of stimulating good oral eating habits, supporting digestion, and enhancing the absorption of other nutrients – must be particularly mentioned.

In addition, Wizee Delicious Jelly also contains Thymomodulin – a precious active ingredient that has been affirmed to directly impact white blood cells, thereby helping to enhance resistance and treat some diseases such as asthma, infections, and allergies… Together with bird’s nest, colostrum, and Vitamin C, Wizee Delicious Jelly is the most superior product in supporting good eating habits and enhancing the body’s resistance.

Wizee Delicious Jelly is an authentic product of Tín Phong Pharmaceuticals – a unit with a history of over 10 years in the market and recognized by consumers for its positive contributions to the health care of Vietnamese people. Thanks to the formula containing the best nutrients for picky eaters and poor resistance, along with its delicious taste, Wizee Delicious Jelly has become a trusted companion of many Vietnamese mothers on their journey of taking care of their children.

Wizee Delicious Jelly contains Lysine, Thymomodulin, Vitamin C, Bird's nest, and Colostrum with abundant content

Wizee Delicious Jelly contains Lysine, Thymomodulin, Vitamin C, Bird’s nest, and Colostrum with abundant content

Wizee Delicious Jelly – Abundant nutrition, supports good eating habits in just 1 month

In each pack of Wizee Delicious Jelly, there is up to 300mg of Lysine, 20mg of Bird’s nest, and 20mg of Thymomodulin, along with Vitamin C, Zinc, and Colostrum, which are superior in comparison to other products that stimulate good eating habits. With a small dosage and high nutrient content, each month, a child only needs 1 to 2 boxes of Wizee Delicious Jelly, saving costs while still achieving high effectiveness.

The product is suitable for young children thanks to its 100% natural, safe, and gentle ingredients. Children from 3 years old can use 1-2 packs daily, 2-3 times a day.


Wizee Delicious Jelly is a special product for picky eaters, those with poor eating habits, slow growth, and children who have just recovered from illness and need to enhance resistance. The product provides Lysine, Thymomodulin, Zinc, Vitamin C, Bird’s nest, and Colostrum to support good eating habits and enhance resistance.

The product is marketed and distributed by: Tín Phong Pharmaceuticals Joint Stock Company.

Product fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/wizee.vn/

Hotline: 1800 9229

Address: Lot B8-B10/D6, Cau Giay Urban Area, Dich Vong, Cau Giay, Hanoi.

The product is available at pharmacies nationwide.

(*) This food is not a drug and does not replace medicine for treatment.

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