Cooking everyday but did you know the amazing benefits of adding water while cooking these dishes

Some dishes don't require water initially, but adding water during the cooking process can greatly enhance their taste. Can you guess which dishes they are?


Water plays an important role in our health and is present in most of our daily activities. Whether it’s doing laundry, cleaning the house, or cooking… water is essential. Speaking of cooking, we all know that water is necessary in many dishes.

However, did you know that there are certain dishes that don’t initially require water, but adding water during the cooking process can make them incredibly delicious? Especially when it comes to stir-frying. Adding water to certain stir-fry dishes can have surprising effects. Let’s explore which stir-fry dishes and the benefits water brings.

One of the most familiar stir-fry dishes is pork stir-fry. Easy to eat and easy to make, with a delicious and nutritious taste. The secret to making delicious pork stir-fry is to add water. When stir-frying the pork, you need to quickly stir-fry and slowly add a moderate amount of water before seasoning. This will make the pork tender and extremely tasty.

Cooking daily but not knowing that adding water while cooking these dishes will have amazing benefits - Photo 1.

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Perhaps we often hear advice that when stir-frying vegetables, we should not add water, especially when stir-frying water spinach, to avoid the vegetables becoming limp and losing their crispness. However, there are exceptions when you can add water to the pan when stir-frying vegetables. This is when you want the stir-fried vegetables to remain moist and have more liquid, or when stir-frying water chestnuts. Did you know that when stir-frying water chestnuts, just adding a little water will prevent them from changing color and maintain their white color?

Cooking daily but not knowing that adding water while cooking these dishes will have amazing benefits - Photo 2.

Try it in your next stir-fried water chestnuts. (Photo: Internet)

In addition to these stir-fried dishes, you can also add water when cooking the following dishes to make them even more amazing. When braising fish, adding water will make the fish more tender. Many women often add hot water instead of cold water, so the braised fish will not have a fishy taste.

Cooking daily but not knowing that adding water while cooking these dishes will have amazing benefits - Photo 3.

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Not only that, with fried meat, you can still use water. This may seem strange because we are often advised not to add water to hot oil for frying as it can cause the oil to splatter and result in burns or fire hazards. However, in this tip, you will be adding oil to water instead of water to oil. Simply boil 3 parts water, then slowly add 1 part oil. When the oil floats entirely on top of the water, you can start frying the meat. This will make the meat tender and prevent it from becoming tough.

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