8 Delicious and Simple Recipes with the Fragrant and Easy-to-Make Turnips

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With its crispy and fragrant taste, su hao (jicama) is a key ingredient in many traditional and creative dishes. Here is a compilation of 8 delicious dishes made from tasty su hao that we share with you.

1Salted su hao

Salted su haoSalted su hao

Salted su hao is always an essential dish in the Tet holiday meals. Its characteristic crispy and sweet taste, combined with the slight sourness of vinegar, a hint of spiciness from chili, and the aroma from garlic, the salted su hao dish is promised to awaken your taste buds, making it irresistible.

2Stir-fried su hao with squid

Stir-fried su hao with squidStir-fried su hao with squid

This dish is not only eye-catching but also combines various flavors, making it more appealing for family meals. When enjoying it, you will experience the crispy and delicious taste of su hao, the fresh sweetness of squid, and the rich and savory seasoning of each piece. This dish will definitely impress your family with its deliciousness.

3Stir-fried su hao with eggs

Stir-fried su hao with eggsStir-fried su hao with eggs

This stir-fried su hao with eggs is a delicious and nutritious dish with a super simple recipe. With just a few easy steps, you can create an enticing dish of stir-fried su hao with eggs. The soft and crispy su hao strands, combined with the golden, fatty and rich flavor of eggs, will create an excellent dish for the whole family.

4Kimchi su hao

Kimchi su haoKimchi su hao

Kimchi su hao is a popular dish in Korea, with easy-to-find ingredients and a simple preparation method. The su hao is not only visually appealing but also has a unique and delicious flavor. The crunchy and soft su hao, combined with the tangy and spicy taste, will bring a delightful culinary experience when enjoyed with rice or grilled dishes.

5Jicama and carrot salad

Jicama and carrot saladJicama and carrot salad

Jicama and carrot salad, also known as jicama salad, is a popular dish in Southern Vietnam. It is often included in the daily menu of many families. Jicama salad has a characteristic taste, combining the sour and sweet flavors, creating a delicious and nutritious meal for the family. This salad is often served with herbs or peanuts, creating a complete and interesting meal.

6Stewed snakehead fish with su hao

Stewed snakehead fish with su haoStewed snakehead fish with su hao

This is a rustic dish but incredibly delicious and flavorful. The firm and sweet flesh of the snakehead fish, combined with the soft and fragrant su hao, create a unique and delicious taste. On rainy and windy days, enjoying hot rice with stewed snakehead fish with su hao is even more wonderful.

7Braised pork with su hao

Braised pork with su haoBraised pork with su hao

Braised pork with su hao is a flavorful dish with a unique taste. The crispy and savory su hao, combined with the rich and salty flavor of the braised pork, will keep you indulging. This dish is even more delicious when served with steamed rice, pickles, and soup. It will surely be a delicious and enticing meal for the whole family.

8Stir-fried su hao with beef

Stir-fried su hao with beefStir-fried su hao with beef

Stir-fried su hao with beef is a delicious and nutritious dish that is familiar in many Vietnamese families’ meals. After stir-frying, su hao still retains its natural sweetness and crispiness, while the beef is tender and flavorful. This dish will become even more appetizing when served with rice.

As you can see, with the variety in preparation methods and perfect flavors, su hao can be transformed into many delicious dishes. Why not try cooking these delightful meals made from su hao to treat your family and friends?

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