Avoid These Beef Varieties for Tastier Meals and Better Health

Are you looking to enjoy the delicious and nutrient-filled dishes beef can provide while ensuring your health isn't at risk? Make sure you avoid buying certain types of beef to keep yourself safe.


When it comes to meat, there are certain types that should be avoided in order to protect your health. However, meat can still be processed into delicious and nutritious dishes.

1Loss of Elasticity in Beef

One way to determine the quality of fresh beef is to press it and see if it quickly returns to its normal state. If the beef lacks elasticity and creates a dent when pressed, it indicates that the meat has been left for too long, resulting in a loss of moisture and nutrients, or even spoilage.

Avoid buying loss of elasticity beef
Avoid buying loss of elasticity beef

2Meat with Unusual Color

Fresh, high-quality beef typically has a dark red or natural pink color. If the meat is blackened or has an abnormally bright red color that turns dull, it indicates that the meat has been left for too long or has been contaminated with cow’s secretions.

Avoid buying meat with unusual color
Avoid buying meat with unusual color

3Pre-ground Beef

Many meat stalls and supermarkets often mix beef with additives or leftover meat parts. It can be difficult for customers to distinguish with the naked eye. Therefore, it is recommended to choose whole pieces of beef, wash them thoroughly, dry them with a towel, and then chop them finely with a sharp knife to ensure the quality of the meat.

Avoid buying pre-ground beef
Avoid buying pre-ground beef

4Meat with Odor, Leaking Water, or Sticky

Avoid buying meat with odor, leaking water, or sticky
Avoid buying meat with odor, leaking water, or sticky

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