Choosing the Best Name for a Boy Born in 2024: Meaningful and Beneficial Choices

Having a good name is not only beneficial for your child's future but also important for their overall luck. A well-chosen name can bring positive energy and prosperity. It is essential to consider the principles of Feng Shui when naming your child, as this will enhance their well-being and success in life. So, take your time and choose a name that embodies positive qualities and aligns with the principles of Feng Shui.


According to the lunar calendar, the Year of the Wood Tiger will last from 10/02/2024 to 28/01/2025, and its horoscope is as follows:

– The heavenly stem is Wood (Giap):

In harmony with Earth (Ky).

In conflict with Fire (Mau) and Metal (Canh).

– The earthly branch is Tiger (Thin):

Triangular harmony with Monkey (Than) – Rat (Ty) – Tiger (Thin).

Mutual contradiction with Dragon (Thin) – Dog (Tuat) – Ox (Su) – Goat (Mui).

– The destiny is “Phu Dang Hoa” (a lamp oil flame):

Mutual production with Wood (Moc) and Earth (Tho).

Mutual contradiction with Metal (Kim) and Water (Thuy).

Notes for naming boys born in 2024

In order to give a name to a boy born in 2024 that is not only beautiful but also brings luck throughout his life, parents should consider naming their child according to feng shui and in harmony with the child, as follows:

Choose a name for the child that corresponds to the destiny of Wood and Earth, as they are mutually productive with the child’s destiny.

Do not name the child under the destiny of Water (which clashes with Fire) or under the destiny of Fire (which clashes with Metal).

Parents should also choose a good name for their son that is compatible with their own destiny.

According to the horoscope of the Year of the Wood Tiger, the dragon is considered the god of rain and the Dragon King in the water palace. Parents should choose a name for their son that belongs to the water category.

According to Eastern culture, dragons often soar in the sky with clouds, sun, and moon. Parents can name their son born in 2024 with letters such as Y, Van, Thin, Nguyet, Tinh, etc.

The dragon is also considered a symbol of power. Parents can choose a name for their child based on feng shui, such as Thien, Quan, Lam, Dai, Chuong, Thai, Vuong, etc.

According to Can Chi, the triangular harmony includes Monkey (Than) – Rat (Ty) – Tiger (Thin), and the hexagonal harmony also includes Snake (Ngo) – Ox (Su). Parents can choose a good name for their son from the series of names Nham, Quy, Manh, Hoc, Tuan, Ma, Phung, etc.

Suggestions for naming boys born in 2024

Naming the child according to feng shui

  • Chi Anh: A talented, intelligent, and determined person.
  • Hai Bang: A bird that flies across the sea. Parents hope their child will go far and achieve great things.
  • Cao Dai: A young man with a noble heart and strong abilities.
  • Duy Dang: A boy who is the pride of his parents, with a peaceful and fulfilling life.
  • Phuc Dien: This name has the Fire destiny, meaning a kind and genuine person.
  • Minh Hung: A young man who is both intelligent and brave.
  • Ba Kien: Naming the child born in 2024 with the hope that he will be talented and strong.
  • Tinh Khoi: A person who excels and leads a peaceful life.
  • Bao Lam: A child who is talented and precious.
  • Bao Long: This name has the Fire destiny, meaning a strong and talented person like a noble dragon.

Naming the child based on the parents’ age

Parents can choose names for their sons that correspond to the Earth and Fire destiny to match their own age, as follows:

  • Anh Son: Hoping that the child will be a solid and reliable support, like a mountain.
  • Minh Thach: Hoping that the child will always be wise, have a bright future, and be a support for loved ones.
  • Ngoc Dien: The child is a precious gem to the parents.
  • Quoc Bao: Hoping that the child will have a noble soul and character.
  • Tuan Kiet: Hoping that the child will be both outstanding and talented.
  • Minh Truong: Naming the child born in 2024 with the hope that he will have a bright and long-lasting life.
  • Quang Dai: Hoping that the child will have a good life, always accomplish great things, and live a straightforward life.
  • Anh Dung: A child with exceptional courage, always facing challenges head-on.
  • Nhat Quang: Hoping that the child will always have strength and power, shining like the sun.
  • Bao Minh: The child will always be intelligent, bright, and a treasure to the parents.

Good names for boys that bring luck

  • Quang Anh: A smart and talented young man.
  • Hung Anh: Growing up to be a brave and intelligent hero.
  • Nhat Anh: The child’s intelligence and insight will illuminate the lives of others like the sun.
  • Tung Anh: A young man who is both intelligent and resilient, like a pine tree in the wind and storms.
  • The Anh: The child will be intelligent and will hold power in the future.
  • Viet Anh: Naming the child born in 2024 with the hope that he will be exceptional and have extraordinary intelligence.
  • Vu Anh: A person with this name in the future will not only be talented but also accomplish great things.
  • Duc Binh: The child will have good moral values and be respected by others.
  • Kien Binh: The child’s life will be extremely peaceful, and he will also be an honest young man.
  • Thai Binh: A young man born in the Year of the Rooster named Thai Binh will bring peace to his family.
  • The Binh: A person with power and great achievements.
  • Dai Bang: Naming the child born in 2024 with the expectation that he will be upright and have great ambitions.
  • Huu Chau: The child will be straightforward and shine brightly like a sparkling pearl.
  • Phong Chau: The name Phong Chau was once the capital of our country during the Hung Vuong period. Parents hope their child will make a great contribution.
  • Duc Cao: In the phrase “duc cao vong trong” (high moral values and respect), it means a person with good moral values and is respected by others.

Good names for boys that bring peace

  • Xuan Cao: Parents hope the child’s life will be peaceful and harmonious like spring.
  • Minh Danh: A young man who is both intelligent and dignified.
  • Ngoc Danh: The child’s reputation will always be pure and clear, like a gem.
  • Minh Dai: A young man with a generous heart and talents.
  • Gia Duc: The child’s virtue will bring honor to the family.
  • Thai Duc: Naming the child born in 2024 with the hope that he will have a virtuous life and be successful.
  • Tai Duc: Be someone who is both talented and virtuous.
  • Tien Duc: The child’s virtue will be the factor for his success in life.
  • Nguyen Dan: A good start.
  • Sy Dan: A young man named Sy Dan will be excellent, knowledgeable, and respected.
  • Hai Dang: The Hai Dang lighthouse in the middle of the sea, guiding ships. Parents hope their child will grow up to be intelligent and bright.
  • Minh Dang: The child’s intelligence will shine upon those around him.
  • Quang Dang: Naming the child born in 2024 with the meaning of a dazzling light illuminating everyone.
  • Huynh Dong: The warm sunlight in the midst of a cold winter.
  • Lam Dong: Naming the child born in 2024 with the hope that he will be a cold and masculine man.
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