Discover Over Two Dozen Tasty Treats Made from Pomelo!

Grapefruit not only offers a wealth of health benefits from its abundance of vitamin C, but it's also a fantastic way to help women in their weight loss journey. Often, we only use the pulp and discard the rest. But with a bit of creativity, you can invent many scrumptious dishes featuring grapefruit.


Delicious Food from Pomelo

Pomelo is often enjoyed as a dessert after meals or as pomelo juice.

However, pomelo can also be used in salads to create a sweet and sour taste. It can even be used as a sauce for dishes served with sweet and sour sauce or as a cool and refreshing pomelo sauce.

Pomelo used in salads, sauce, juice or eaten directly is delicious

Pomelo Peel (White Pomelo Skin)

The soft and fluffy white pomelo peel that is often discarded or used by children to make hats can be transformed into an attractive pomelo tea.

If you’re concerned about bitterness during cooking, you can soak and squeeze the peel with water and blanch it with vinegar before use.

Additionally, pomelo peel can also be utilized to make pomelo jam or vegetarian spring rolls. You can find more pomelo peel recipes as well.

Pomelo peel used to make tea, jam or vegetarian spring rolls is all attractive

Pomelo Peel (Green Peel)

You may have heard of delicious and fragrant kumquat preserves that help treat coughs and colds. So why not try making them with pomelo peel?

Pomelo peel preserves have a cool and refreshing taste mixed with a bit of sweetness that will surely leave a lasting impression.

Green pomelo peel used to make preserves


Pomelo is not just a delicious fruit, but its peel can also be used to create many attractive dishes. If you’re worried about the bitterness of the peel, you can soak it in salt water for 5 hours, rinse it clean, and blanch it again with vinegar until boiling.