Mince Meat Quickly in Two Minutes – Here’s How

Are you concerned about the hygiene risks of going out to get minced meat? Fear not! We have a handy guide on how to easily mince your own meat at home in just two minutes.


Meat is a versatile ingredient that adds flavor and texture to a variety of dishes. Whether it’s used as a filling for cakes or spring rolls, or to create delicious stuffed dishes, minced meat is a key component in many recipes. In this article, we will reveal the secret to quickly mincing meat in just 2 minutes.

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  • Tools: cutting board

2 Techniques for mincing meat

Cutting Lines on Meat Pieces

To properly prepare the meat, carefully lay the pieces flat on a sturdy cutting board. With a knife, make shallow cuts on both sides of the meat, ensuring not to cut too deeply. Next, flip the meat over and continue making cuts, being careful not to slice all the way through the meat pieces.

Note: Avoid cutting through the meat pieces during this step.

Cut lines on both sides of the meat pieces
Cut lines on both sides of the meat pieces

Rotate Meat 90 Degrees and Cut Further

After evenly cutting both sides, proceed to rotate the meat piece approximately 90 degrees and make additional cuts. Repeat this process by changing sides and rotating the meat piece 90 degrees again, cutting it into smaller pieces in a similar manner.

Rotate the meat 90 degrees and continue cuttingRotate the meat 90 degrees and continue cutting

Cutting the Meat into Small Pieces: Step 3

During this step, use a sharp knife to cut the meat into small, thin pieces. Apply firm pressure to ensure clean cuts. Additionally, rotate the meat 90 degrees and continue cutting into pieces.

Cut the meat into small pieces
Cut the meat into small pieces

Mincing Meat – Step 4

At this stage, the meat is partially minced but not fully. To mince the meat horizontally, use a knife. For faster results, two knives can be used simultaneously, with one knife in each hand. Additionally, mince the meat vertically a few times before switching back to horizontal mincing and finishing with a few more cuts.

Mince the meat
Mince the meat

Result of New Production Process Revealed

Minced meat, a versatile ingredient, can be prepared at home to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. The resulting meat is not only aromatic when cooked, but also lends itself well to various dishes such as stir-fries, soups, and dumpling fillings.

Finished minced meat
Finished minced meat

Here is a quick tip for mincing meat in just 2 minutes that we would like to share with you. This article aims to provide you with useful information on how to mince meat efficiently.

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