Revealing the Secrets of Delicious Cooking by a Professional Chef

Are you looking to become the master chef of your home kitchen? Ði?n máy XANH is here to help with their tips on how to serve up restaurant-level dishes, from proper cooking methods for meat and grilling, to baking delicious cakes. So pick up your apron and get ready to show off your culinary prowess!


Professional chefs always allow meat to rest at room temperature for 1 hour after removing it from the refrigerator before searing it on both sides.

In order to achieve a beautiful color on steak pieces, it is recommended to remove any surface water from the meat before searing.

It is important to note that if you let meat rest at room temperature, it should be cooked at a high temperature and should not be left at room temperature for more than 2 hours.

The secret of professional chefs' cooking (Part 1)

2. Soak the meat in saltwater before searing to prevent it from drying out

Create a solution with 3 cups of water, ¼ cup of salt, and ¼ cup of sugar. Soak the meat in this solution before searing and then refrigerate it to prevent it from drying out after searing.

The soaking time in the refrigerator should be about 30 minutes to 8 hours, depending on the amount of meat being used.

It is recommended to soak 1kg of meat for one hour. The meat should be patted dry before searing. For chicken wings, the soaking time should be adjusted based on the average weight of a small wing.

The secret of professional chefs' cooking (Part 1)

3. Enhance the flavor of the broth

To enhance the flavor of the broth, toast the bones over fire until they have a fragrant smell and then put them in the pot. This method will bring out the best flavor in your dish.

The secret of professional chefs' cooking (Part 1)

4. Crispy fish skin

When grilling fish on a grill, try brushing mayonnaise on the fish first and sprinkle a little salt. This will result in a crispier and more golden skin after grilling.

To have delicious crispy fish skin, spread a layer of mayonnaise on it

5. Oil-free steak

When searing a steak, place the side with a little fat on the pan first, and the fat from the meat will render out. This allows you to sear without adding extra oil and use the natural fat from the meat.

The secret of professional chefs' cooking (Part 1)

6. Make tastier cream soup

To make cream soup tastier, sauté vegetables, roots, and fruits in olive oil before cooking the soup. Additionally, you can add a bit of stock to further enhance the dish’s flavor.

The secret of professional chefs' cooking (Part 1)

7. Make delicious pancakes

By adding two tablespoons of sour cream to the pancake mixture, you can make the pancakes smoother, without cracks, and more delicious.

How to make delicious pancakes

8. Use sugar for a sour dish

Similar to salt, sugar is a versatile seasoning. Adding sugar to dishes with pickles or sour fruits can make them even more delicious.

The secret of professional chefs' cooking (Part 2)

9. Perfectly fried eggs

For sunny-side-up eggs, it is important to use a thick frying pan and heat it on low heat. Before adding the eggs, melt about ½ tablespoon of butter slowly in the pan. Crack the eggs and fry them, adding salt to taste.

Delicious fried eggs

10. Making clear broth

Method 1: To make clear chicken broth, it should be simmered on low heat for about three hours without covering the pot or letting the water boil. Remove any scum that forms and add herbs like parsley, cilantro, scallions, or carrots after simmering for about 90 minutes.

Method 2: Simmer meat on low heat for 1-3 hours, continuously removing the scum. When using beef or lamb to make the broth, sauté them with vegetables before adding them to the broth to enhance the dish’s flavor.

The secret of professional chefs' cooking (Part 2)

11. Crisping bread crust

Crisping bread crust

To achieve a crispy bread crust, place a bowl of water in the oven. The steam rising from the water will make the bread crust crisper and tastier.

12. Making delicious onions

When sautéing onions, use butter to prevent burning. Melt the butter before adding the onions. Sauté the onions at medium heat and add a little salt to remove bitterness and allow the onions to cook faster and become sweet.

The secret of professional chefs' cooking (Part 2)

13. Creamy mashed potatoes

Creamy mashed potatoes

To make creamy mashed potatoes, boil the potatoes, then pan-fry them until the potato skin becomes dry. Mash the potatoes and pour a little milk into the pan. Turn on low heat, stir well, and then pour the remaining milk into the pan.

You may not be a famous chef, but we hope that through our article, you will discover great cooking secrets for your family.