Rare Fruit Found in Backyard Sells for Over a Million Vietnamese Dong

Are you curious about the delicacy that is Bang fruit from Con Dao, a South East Asian island? Even though it can cost up to half a million VND per kilogram, it remains highly valued. Keep reading to find out more about this unique fruit!


Bàng fruit is a unique specialty of Con Dao that is not widely known. Its delicious taste has captured the hearts of many tourists. Let’s discover what makes this fruit so special that it costs half a million per kilogram!

1What is bàng fruit?

When visiting Con Dao, tourists will be greeted by tall, green bàng trees. These trees are planted in straight rows along coastal roads, village roads, alleys, and in front of houses. The graceful rows of old bàng trees adorn the roads of Con Dao.

Bàng trees have a deep history and connection with the people of Con Dao. Visitors will hear stories about the strong bond between political prisoners and bàng trees. In the harsh and dangerous prison environment, dry bàng leaves were placed on the stone floor to provide warmth during cold days.

Bàng fruit
Bàng fruit

Bàng fruit and young bàng leaves were used by prisoners as food to combat hunger. The bàng leaves were even used as a means of communication or to write poems that showcased their strong will against the enemy.

Bàng fruit is a famous specialty of Vung Tau, especially the bàng fruit from Con Dao with its distinctive and delicious taste. The preparation of bàng fruit dishes involves meticulous and intricate steps.

After harvesting ripe bàng fruit, they are dried and the seeds are separated. The seed separation step is the most time-consuming and challenging because the bàng seeds are quite hard. A knife is used to separate the seeds, which takes a whole day of hard work to produce 1kg of bàng seeds as gifts for tourists.

Bàng fruit is a famous specialty of Vung Tau
Bàng fruit is a famous specialty of Vung Tau

2The price of bàng fruit

The price of bàng fruit can vary depending on the place of sale and the quality of the product. In the localities where bàng fruit is produced, such as Con Dao, the price may fluctuate depending on the season and supply-demand. However, generally, the price of dried bàng fruit and salted bàng fruit is higher compared to other types of seeds.

The current price of salted bàng fruit is around 100,000 VND per 2 ounces (approximately 500,000 VND per kilogram). For purchases of 2 kilograms or more, the price is 450,000 VND per kilogram.

The bàng fruit from Con Dao, though not inexpensive, is always in high demand. It is like a snack that embodies the sun, wind, and soil of Con Dao, resulting in a sweet flavor. The salty taste of the island is infused in each colorful bàng seed, creating a unique taste that lingers in the memory of anyone who tries it.

The price of bàng fruit can vary depending on the place of sale and the quality of the product
The price of bàng fruit can vary depending on the place of sale and the quality of the product

Above are some pieces of information about bàng fruit, the unique specialty of Con Dao. We hope that this article has provided you with useful information!

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