The Difference Between Parenting and Grandparenting: A Must-Read for All Parents

According to psychological experts, a child living with their parents and grandparents will have these differences. Let's find out!


Advantages and Disadvantages of Children Living with Grandparents from a Young Age

Benefits of Children Living with Grandparents

Different babies can feel more secure as grandparents always pamper young children more than parents. At the same time, children learn good habits and characteristics from their grandparents and also develop a bond with them from an early age, creating a good relationship between the three generations. Additionally, children who live with their grandparents from a young age tend to enjoy going back to their hometown as they grow up.

Drawbacks of Children Living with Grandparents from a Young Age

Children can be confused because they do not know who to follow if there are different directions between parents and grandparents. Parents teach one way, and grandparents teach another. Grandparents often tend to spoil their grandchildren excessively. This causes children to develop bad habits and behaviors.

Moreover, a child who lives with their grandparents often has difficulty forming independent habits. Grandparents are used to the old way of life and want to do everything for their children and grandchildren. As a result, children will develop a dependent personality.

What Should Parents Do?

Raising and educating children is the job of parents. In life, sometimes you may face difficulties or be busy, so you need to ask grandparents to take care of your children. But absolutely, parents should not delegate the responsibility of raising and educating their children to grandparents.

Grandparents should play a supporting role, take care of meals, and help in caring for children. Parents are still the ones who are primarily responsible for their children. Children are like blank sheets of paper, absorbing both positive and negative influences from the words, actions, and energy of their daily caregivers.

By the age of 10, a child’s personality and basic habits are generally formed. If parents leave the care and education of their children to grandparents in the long run, the children may no longer see their parents as role models and may not listen to their parents’ instructions anymore. From losing connection with their parents, children start to become stubborn, exhibit improper behavior, or develop bad habits that are difficult to correct.

In addition, while relying on grandparents to care for their children, parents should regularly communicate and exchange with their child every day to understand their thoughts and feelings. With this, the distance between parents and children is not too far, and it creates difficult situations in life in the future.

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