The poverty ginseng-like root that makes a delicious and satisfying snack without the extra calories

With this cooking method, you will have an instant snack that not only supports weight loss but also helps nourish your blood. You can eat as much as you want without worrying about gaining weight.


Not for nothing do people refer to the lotus root as the “ginseng of the poor” because this type of root is both delicious, nutritious, and cheap as chips. Eating lotus root regularly has many health benefits such as improving blood circulation, balancing blood pressure, preventing constipation, and stimulating the brain.

In addition to dishes like lotus root soup with young spare ribs, stir-fried lotus root with vegetables, lotus root salad, and pork tail and lotus root soup, you can make lotus root grilled with seaweed and cheese using this recipe.

1. Ingredients for lotus root grilled with seaweed and cheese

– Lotus root: 1 kg

– Instant seaweed: 50 grams

– Cheese powder: 30 grams

– Lemon juice: 40 ml


2. How to make lotus root grilled with seaweed and cheese

Step 1: Prepare the ingredients

– After buying the lotus root, wash it thoroughly to remove any dirt and dust. Then, use kitchen utensils to peel and slice the lotus root into small circles. For better taste, it is best to slice it as thin as possible. Once sliced, rinse the lotus root with clean water 2 to 3 times.

– Take a large bowl, add 40ml of lemon juice and 1.5 liters of filtered water, then soak the sliced lotus root for about 20 minutes. This step will help the lotus root release all its sap and have a beautiful white color, without turning black.

Step 2: Fry or grill the lotus root

– First, heat the air fryer for about 3 to 5 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius. Then, place a layer of thinly sliced lotus root in the air fryer and spray a thin layer of cooking oil on top. Continue frying the lotus root a second time for 8 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees.

– Flip the lotus root between the two frying times and do not stack the lotus root slices on top of each other to ensure even cooking and a crispier texture.

– If you don’t have an air fryer, you can use a frying pan instead. Place the pan on the stove, add 400ml of cooking oil, and heat it. Then, fry the lotus root until both sides are golden brown.


Step 3: Crush the seaweed

– Open the package of instant seaweed and crush it with your hands.

– It is best to crush the seaweed into small pieces as the smaller the seaweed, the better it will blend with the grilled lotus root.

Step 4: Shake the grilled lotus root with seaweed and cheese

– Wait for the fried or grilled lotus root to cool slightly, then divide it into 2 equal portions and place them in 2 large bowls.

– Add cheese powder to one bowl and seaweed flakes to the other. Shake well to evenly coat the lotus root pieces with cheese or seaweed, then serve.

Grilled or fried lotus root with seaweed and cheese, after being cooked, will have an incredibly appealing appearance. When eating, you can experience the crispy, flavorful lotus root combined with rich cheese and seaweed.


3. Notes when making lotus root grilled with seaweed and cheese

– It is best to choose lotus roots with medium-sized and edible segments as they have the right amount of ripeness and a delicious aroma. Additionally, choose lotus roots that are intact and not blemished.

– If you don’t finish all the grilled lotus root with seaweed and cheese, you can store it in a glass container with a lid to prevent spoilage.

– Apart from cheese and seaweed flakes, you can also shake grilled or fried lotus root with plum powder…

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