The precious things children receive when they always have a father by their side

The role of a father in raising children is extremely important. Having a father consistently present brings about numerous benefits to the child.


Cultivating Action, Exploration, and Creativity Skills

An accomplished mechanical engineer since childhood, he has been hailed as a “scientist.” It was likely influenced by his father.

He was aided by his father in building a wooden boat from an old bed, although the boat ultimately sank during a water trial. This experience not only bonded father and son but also ignited a passion for exploration and creativity in him, leading to outstanding academic achievements later on.

This reflects the difference between fathers and mothers in their approach to problem-solving. Fathers tend to lean towards action more than mothers, as mothers are usually more sensitive and tend to overthink things.

Preference for Adventure and Risk-taking

There was a “mischievous father” who took his 3-year-old son mountain climbing. The father tied the 3-year-old to his waist, causing his wife to be very worried. However, this adventurous endeavor ended with the joyful laughter of the boy upon reaching the mountain’s peak, demonstrating the courage of both the father and the son.

According to psychologist Ross Parke, this behavior reflects the influence of male hormones, causing fathers to enjoy engaging in risky activities. Having a father as a companion can help children develop an adventurous spirit. Accepting safe levels of risk helps children cultivate resilience and courage, which is beneficial for both boys and girls.

Higher Independence Ability

A girl growing up in an affluent family, due to being pampered by her mother and grandmother, did not need to do household chores. But when she was only 5 years old, her father changed this by challenging her to become more independent. On a weekend when her mother and grandmother were away, her father pretended not to know how to cook and refused to cook, even threatening to go without eating all day. Her father, then, gave her 10 coins to buy food and persuaded her to cook noodles on her own. The result was that she successfully cooked her first meal, and from that moment on, she developed a passion for cooking.

Her father later revealed that he intentionally pretended not to know how to cook so that she could learn. This demonstrates the special power of presence and education from the father in the process of raising children.

“Copycat Effect” in Father-Child Relationships

The presence of a father in the family greatly influences the perception and behavior of the children in the future. When a father is irresponsible, a daughter may develop a negative view of men, while a son may be at risk of imitating that lack of responsibility.

On the contrary, a good father who consistently accompanies and cares for his children will foster love for the family and hard work in the children. Playing games and engaging in activities with their father also brings a sense of security, strengthens bonds, and has a positive influence on the character and will of the child.

Through the “copycat effect,” a son will mimic the behavior of his father, while a daughter will form behavioral standards based on her relationship with her father. The love that a father devotes to his children will also be learned and replicated in their own future relationships.

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