Tips for Finding the Perfect Blue Lobster – Cost Considerations

If you are after the top-notch green lobsters for an unbeatable price, you've come to the right place. Our article will provide you with all the knowledge you need to make your decision and guarantee both quality and price. Don't hesitate, find your ideal green lobster today!


Please refer to our informative article to discover the characteristics, cost, and tips for selecting a premium green lobster.

Understanding the Phenomenon of Green Lobsters

Green Lobster Image
What is a green lobster?

The green lobster, also referred to as the giant river prawn or giant freshwater prawn, is a species of prawn known by its scientific name Macrobrachium rosenbergii. It is recognized as the largest freshwater prawn worldwide and is extensively cultivated in numerous countries, particularly in the Indian Ocean – Pacific region, Southeast Asia, and Northern Australia.

This species of prawn is known for its impressive size, with individuals reaching lengths of over 30cm. They typically have a brown coloration, although some smaller specimens may display a green hue and faint vertical stripes.

What is the Price of a Green Lobster?

How much does a green lobster cost?
How much does a green lobster cost?

The pricing for green lobsters will vary based on the size of each prawn, resulting in price discrepancies. On average, a green lobster with a 15-20 prawns per kilogram ratio is priced at approximately 130,000 VND. Similarly, a green lobster with a 10-12 prawns per kilogram ratio is priced at around 160,000 VND, whereas a green lobster with a 7-8 prawns per kilogram ratio will cost approximately 190,000 VND.

At our establishment, the price of a green lobster is approximately 150,000 VND per 500g.

Tips on Selecting the Freshest Green Lobster

Take note of the articulation points on the lobster’s exoskeleton.

Observe the joints on the lobster's body
Observe the joints on the lobster’s body

When seeking live green lobsters, it is important to carefully observe their movement and select those that display agility and strong swimming abilities.

If frozen green lobsters are your preference, it is imperative to focus on the articulation between the head and body of the lobster.

You should choose lobsters with minimal gaps between the joints. Avoid selecting lobsters with noticeable gaps or protruding meat, as this could indicate that they have been stored for an extended period and are at a higher risk of spoiling.

Color of lobster shell

Color of lobster shell
Color of lobster shell

Fresh and delicious green lobster typically boasts a grayish-brown hue adorned by dark green horizontal stripes. Moreover, its shell exhibits a glossy texture devoid of any tackiness, symbolizing its superior freshness and delectable taste.

Lobster Claws and Legs

Lobster claws and legs
Lobster claws and legs

Green lobsters have two long, dark green claws. It is recommended to select lobsters with intact claws and firm leg joints. Avoid choosing lobsters with broken claws, as they may indicate that the lobsters have been stored for an extended period of time or that the transportation process did not meet the required standards.

The Shape of a Lobster Tail

Shape of lobster tail
Shape of lobster tail

When selecting green lobsters, it is important to prioritize those with a dark green and neatly stacked tail. It is best to avoid choosing lobsters with broken or pale tails, as this may indicate that they have been left for an extended period of time and are not suitable for consumption.

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