Why choose to buy whole mandarins with stem and leaves for altar decoration?

Why should you choose to buy oranges with stems and leaves to place on the altar? Let's find out in this article.


When choosing fruits to offer on the altar, it is often said that they should be beautiful, especially oranges, tangerines, and pomelos. Apart from the aesthetic reason, there are other reasons as well, let’s find out!

1Why should you choose fruits with stems and leaves to display on the altar?

More visually appealing

Fruits with stems and leaves are more visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing compared to those without.

More visually appealing

Easier to identify fresh fruits

Additionally, when the fruits have stems, you can easily observe their freshness.

If the stem is still firmly attached to the fruit and is still firm, it indicates that the fruit is fresh and can be preserved longer. On the other hand, if the fruit has lost its stem, it would be difficult to determine its freshness.

Easier to store

Easier to store

Fruits with stems are easier to store as they are less prone to dust and bacterial contamination on the stem, thus prolonging their shelf life. As for oranges and tangerines,

2How to choose fresh and delicious oranges and tangerines

To select fresh and delicious oranges and tangerines, choose fruits that are round and heavy. Pick fruits that have stems and fresh leaves. Avoid fruits that show signs of shriveling or have spots on the skin.

When smelling the fruits, you should sense a refreshing aroma of the essential oils. Avoid fruits that have no fragrance or have a strange odor.

If you are buying oranges and tangerines for the altar, if you can find a cluster of fruits, that would be even better.

How to choose fresh and delicious oranges and tangerines

These are the explanations for why you should choose fruits with stems and leaves to display on the altar. Hopefully, this article provides you with useful information.