“How to Clean Burnt Pots Easily: 8 Easy Tips”

Have you ever experienced a blackened cooking pot? If so, there are some tips and tricks to help you remove the stubborn stains quickly.


If the pot becomes blackened during cooking, there are several effective methods for removing the stains:

1. Salt and Vinegar:

Many people use a simple salt and vinegar solution to clean burnt pots. Sprinkle salt on the burned surface of the pot, then pour a small amount of vinegar over it. After about 15 minutes, use a scrub brush to remove the burnt spots. Rinse the pot with water to remove the peeled-off burnt layer. Soak the pot in vinegar for another 15 minutes and then wash it again to restore its shine.

Clean burnt pots with salt and vinegar

2. Vinegar:

Another method is to boil vinegar in the burnt pot for approximately 30 minutes. Once the burns are removed, turn off the heat and rinse the pot.

3. Tomato Sauce:

Clean the burnt pot with ketchup

Cleaning a burnt pot with ketchup is effective and does not require heating. Simply put ketchup in the burnt pot and let it soak for about 30 minutes. Then gently scrub the pot with a brush, leaving the sauce intact. The burnt layer will easily peel off.

4. Use Apple Peels:

Place apple peels in the burnt pot along with water. Boil the pot on the stove until the burnt patches on the bottom peel off. Scrub with a pot scrubber and rinse with water to achieve a sparkling clean pot.

5. Baking Powder:

Using baking powder to clean burnt pots and pans is a simple method. Mix about 4-5 tablespoons of baking powder with 5 cups of water and cook on low heat for approximately 30 minutes. Turn off the heat, discard the baking powder, and rinse the pot to remove all stains.

6. Baking Soda:

Baking soda is effective for cleaning small burns or stains in pots. Soak the pot overnight in a mixture of baking soda and water, then scrub it with dish soap.

7. Potatoes and Salt:

Clean the burnt pot with potatoes and salt

These common kitchen ingredients can help clean burnt stains at the bottom of a pot. Cut a potato in half, sprinkle salt on the pot’s surface, and rub it with the potato. You may need to apply some pressure to effectively remove the stains. Finally, wash the pot with dishwashing liquid to restore its shine.

Using eggshells to clean burnt pots is surprisingly effective. Place eggshells in the burnt pot with a little water and bring it to a boil. When the stains come off and float to the top, turn off the stove. Pour out the water and rinse the pot with dish soap to achieve a clean and shiny result.

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