Types of fish that cannot be fed with weight gain feed, don’t hesitate to buy when you see them in the market.

These types of fish are usually caught from the wild, rarely cultivated, and have high nutritional value, which is beneficial for health.



This fish has sweet, firm, boneless meat, low fat, rich in omega-3 and protein which is very good for health. In winter, this fish is often caught a lot, at a reasonable price.


Speaking of fish that contain a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins, minerals, first of all is ricefish and buyers can completely rest assured, because this species of fish lives in a saltwater environment, has a short life cycle so they are usually caught and sold, not farmed, not fed anything that is harmful to health. In July 2019, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also classified ricefish as one of the best fish.


Tilapia is a large freshwater fish, resistant to high temperatures and easy to adapt, loved by many people for its delicious flavor and rich nutrients. However, tilapia also faces the challenge that it cannot be farmed. First of all, tilapia is a large herbivorous fish, its main food is aquatic plants and plankton. However, it is very difficult to provide enough supply of aquatic plants in the artificial breeding environment, which makes it difficult to solve the food problem of tilapia in artificial breeding.

Secondly, tilapia has a unique reproductive method and requires certain natural environmental conditions for successful reproduction. In the process of artificial reproduction, it is difficult to simulate the environment that meets the reproductive needs of tilapia, making reproduction difficult.

Although tilapia is difficult to artificially farm, it is very rich in high-quality protein, non-fat fatty acids and minerals. Tilapia is soft and rich in high-quality protein, which helps promote muscle growth and maintain tissue repair. In addition, tilapia is also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, good for cardiovascular and brain health.

Yellowtail Scad

Yellowtail scad is a famous delicious seafood with soft, delicious and unique flavor. However, there are mainly two reasons why it is difficult to artificially farm yellowtail scad. Firstly, yellowtail scad is a migratory fish with a complex life history and needs to migrate frequently between rivers and the ocean. Artificial reproduction cannot provide a suitable migration environment, so small yellowtail fish cannot complete their natural reproductive and development process.

Secondly, the food chain of yellowtail scad is relatively complex, their diet is very diverse, relying on a large amount of plankton and small benthic animals. This makes it difficult to meet the diverse food needs in captivity, leading to growth limitations.

Although yellowtail scad is difficult to artificially reproduce, it is rich in protein, non-fat fatty acids and synthetic vitamins, which is of great significance to human health. It is a low-fat fish, rich in protein that helps promote muscle growth, enhance immunity, and improve cardiovascular health.


Anchovy has a silver white color, blackish gray back, soft, sweet meat. This fish is low in fat and rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for the body.

In countries like Japan, South Korea, China… anchovies are quite popular and are often grilled or eaten raw. Anchovies live in deep sea areas, usually caught in the wild. Moreover, this type of fish is often cheaper than salmon and tuna, so few people think about farming them.

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