Unsanitary Kitchen Practices That Women Should Be Aware Of: Number 2 is Surprisingly Common!

Cooking enthusiasts, be sure to steer clear of these 3 errors in order to maintain optimal kitchen hygiene.


Properly processing ingredients is an essential step in cooking delicious and healthy dishes. However, there are three unsanitary actions that many women unknowingly do, which can not only make the ingredients less clean but also harmful to their health.

Avoid Using Plastic Utensils to Process Raw Food

It is important not to use plastic bowls or cutting boards when handling raw meat. Plastic utensils are more difficult to clean compared to glass utensils.

Women should have at least two cutting boards in their kitchen: one for cooked food and one for raw food. The cutting board used for raw food should be made of stainless steel instead of wood or plastic. Wooden or plastic cutting boards can easily develop scratches while cutting, and the tiny scratches can harbor grease and meat residue that are challenging to clean effectively.

3 unsanitary actions in the kitchen that many women do not pay attention to: Lots of people fall into Number 2!

Avoid storing raw food in plastic containers or dishes

Properly Wash Vegetables and Fruits

Many individuals have the habit of washing vegetables and fruits in the sink by filling it with water. However, no matter how well the sink is cleaned, it cannot completely remove grease stains.

When vegetables and fruits are washed in the sink, although they may remove dirt, the grease in the sink can stick to them. Consequently, the vegetables and fruits may end up being less clean than before. It is advisable to wash vegetables and fruits in a separate basin instead of the sink.

3 unsanitary actions in the kitchen that many women do not pay attention to: Lots of people fall into Number 2!

Wash vegetables and fruits in a separate basin

Ensure Proper Closure of Spice Jars

If you have the habit of not tightly closing spice jars, you may encounter the issue of damp and clumpy spices after some time.

Inadequate closure of spice jars not only causes the spices to lose their flavor but also creates a breeding ground for bacteria. Using damp and clumpy spices due to improper storage can unknowingly lead to consuming a colony of bacteria.

Therefore, it is important for women to tightly close spice jars after use. It doesn’t require much effort, just a little attention and caution.

3 unsanitary actions in the kitchen that many women do not pay attention to: Lots of people fall into Number 2!

Remember to tightly close spice jars

These are three seemingly harmless actions that can make food preparation before cooking less sanitary and potentially introduce more bacteria. Women should take note of and avoid these actions to ensure the preparation of delicious and clean dishes.
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