10 Iconic Symbols of Christmas and Their Meanings

When it comes to Christmas, you can't overlook symbols like Santa Claus, Christmas tree, and Christmas gifts. Each of these symbols carries a special significance.


Christmas is one of the biggest holidays in December every year, and it is also the most anticipated holiday. The church bells are ringing, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, and Christmas gifts have become essential symbols on this day. Let’s learn about the meaning of these symbols on Christmas day.

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1Santa Claus

Santa Claus - symbol of ChristmasSanta Claus – symbol of Christmas

is based on the image of Saint Nicholas, who was very generous and a patron for sailors in Russia, especially children.

Since the 16th century, children in the Netherlands have left their shoes by the fireplace in the hope that Saint Nicholas will give them their dream gifts. Today, children all over the world hang their stockings by the fireplace or Christmas tree to wait for gifts from Santa Claus, also known affectionately as Santa Claus.

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2 Christmas Sleigh

Christmas Sleigh - symbol of ChristmasChristmas Sleigh – symbol of Christmas

The Christmas Sleigh is an indispensable symbol on Christmas. Originally, there were only 8 reindeer, and in 1939, the 9th reindeer was added. The reindeer pulling Santa Claus’s sleigh are responsible for lighting the way thanks to its red and bright nose.

3 Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree - symbol of ChristmasChristmas Tree – symbol of Christmas

According to legend, in 722, Saint Boniface saved a child who was used as a sacrifice under an oak tree. He cut down the oak tree with his bare hands. From this oak tree sprouted a small fir tree, which was said to symbolize the authority of God. Since then, the Christmas tree has become an indispensable symbol of Christmas. It also signifies the color green that represents the end of a fruitful year and a hopeful new year.

4 Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts - symbol of ChristmasChristmas Gifts – symbol of Christmas

On Christmas day, people often give each other gifts such as cosmetics, handbags, perfumes, etc. It represents sincerity, appreciation, emotions, and love that you want to convey to the recipient.

There are also other options like Christmas cards, Christmas gift boxes, etc. that many people choose.

5 Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards - symbol of ChristmasChristmas Cards – symbol of Christmas

Since 1843, a wealthy English businessman named Henry Cole commissioned artist John Callcott Horsley to design a card to send to friends. And this card was printed in 1000 copies, which is also the first card in the world. Since then, Christmas cards have become one of the essential symbols during Christmas.

It has the meaning of bringing good wishes, peace, emotions, and love that you want to convey to the recipient.

6 Nativity Scene

Nativity Scene - symbol of Christmas

The Nativity Scene is a symbol that appears in churches. Inside, there are statues of Mary, the baby Jesus, and surrounded by angels, the donkey, the three kings, and Saint Joseph on the roof have a light shining from a star guiding the kings to find the Lord.

7 Advent Wreath

Advent Wreath - symbol of ChristmasAdvent Wreath – symbol of Christmas

or also known as Advent Garland, is made of green branches and twisted into a circle. It is placed on the table or hung up so that everyone can see it. There are 4 candles on the wreath representing the struggle between light and darkness. Among them, the 3 purple candles represent the colors of Advent, and the pink candle represents the color of the joyful Sunday.

8 Christmas Star

Christmas Star - symbol of ChristmasChristmas Star – symbol of Christmas

On Christmas day, colorful Christmas stars often appear, among them, there is 1 biggest star and it is hung highest on the church bell tower.

According to tradition, when Jesus was born, a very large star appeared, shining light for thousands of miles, reaching far away places now in the territories of Iran and Syria. Three kings believed that they would witness a miracle by following that light. Since then, it is called the Feast of the Three Kings.

9 Candy Cane

Candy Cane - symbol of ChristmasCandy Cane – symbol of Christmas

An Indian candy maker made a very long and twisted candy similar to a stick as a candy cane to represent the meaning that God leads people. He expressed the love and sacrifice of God through his candy cane.

The candy cane is white with 3 small stripes. The white color symbolizes the purity and whiteness of God, and the 3 stripes symbolize the pain endured before God died on the cross. These three stripes also represent the three sacred stars of God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).

10 Church Bell

Church Bell - symbol of ChristmasChurch Bell – symbol of Christmas

The sound of church bells rings to welcome the Savior coming to the world and serves as a symbol to guide and remind that in the eyes of God, everyone is loved and valued.

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