5 Strategies for Extending the Life of Your Leather Shoes

Have you been making these 5 common mistakes with your leather shoes? Not taking the proper care of them can leave them scuffed and looking tired much sooner than expected. Keep reading to discover the 5 most common missteps and how to prevent them to make sure your shoes stay in top condition for longer.


Men’s leather shoes are preferred by men due to their masculine, elegant, and fashionable qualities in comparison to other shoe types. Proper maintenance and usage are essential to ensure the longevity of leather shoes. This article will discuss the five common mistakes people make when using and preserving leather shoes, as well as the correct methods for preserving them.

1Not cleaning and using moisture-absorbing paper after getting caught in the rain

If your shoes happen to get wet in the rain, the leather material can easily absorb moisture, leading to the growth of mold and damage to the shoes. Simply allowing the shoes to air dry can significantly accelerate the deterioration of your leather shoes.

Not cleaning and using moisture-absorbing paper after getting caught in the rainNot cleaning and using moisture-absorbing paper after getting caught in the rain

Correct method for preserving leather shoes: After your shoes get wet, use a dry cloth to wipe off the water from the surface of the shoes. Then, place a moisture-absorbing pack or moisture-absorbing paper inside the shoes and store them in a cool and ventilated place.

2Washing leather shoes at home

Not everyone is aware of the proper methods for washing and drying shoes at home, which can pose many risks for leather shoes, especially expensive ones. Leather products, particularly leather shoes, are sensitive to water and cleaning agents. Improper washing can result in accelerated deterioration.

Washing leather shoes at homeWashing leather shoes at home

Correct method for preserving leather shoes: To clean the dirt from the outer surface of the shoes, only use specialized leather cleaning products and clean them immediately after they become dirty. If necessary, take your shoes to specialized shoe cleaning shops for proper and safe washing support.

3Leaving shoes under direct sunlight

Leather shoes are not only sensitive to water but also prone to quick deterioration when exposed to prolonged direct sunlight. This can cause the leather shoes to dry out, peel, warp the soles, and lose their shape.

Leaving shoes under direct sunlightLeaving shoes under direct sunlight

Correct method for preserving leather shoes: Always keep your shoes in the shade, even if they are wet. Only allow them to air in shaded areas instead of directly under sunlight. When you need to spend a lot of time outdoors, especially on hot days, choose a different type of shoe that is more suitable.

4Being negligent in deodorizing shoes

Your leather shoes can become uncomfortable and damp if your feet perspire on hot sunny days. Over time, sweat can cause your shoes to emit an unpleasant odor that is difficult to eliminate completely. Therefore, when using leather shoes in the summer, it is important to regularly and properly deodorize them.

Using coffee grounds to deodorize shoesUsing coffee grounds to deodorize shoes

Correct method for preserving leather shoes: Use a bag of coffee grounds, activated charcoal, or baking soda to effectively deodorize your shoes by absorbing the unpleasant odor and leaving a pleasant scent. Alternatively, consider using specialized deodorizing sprays available on the market. Use the spray once a week for optimal deodorizing results.

5Forgetting to polish shoes regularly

Polishing is an important tool for protecting the outer surface of leather shoes, ensuring they retain their shine and durability. Many people mistakenly believe that shoes should only be polished when they become dull. However, shoe polish contains moisture-balancing agents that help maintain the leather shoes’ elasticity at a stable level. Therefore, regular use of shoe polish is necessary to preserve and restore leather shoes.

Using shoe polish regularlyUsing shoe polish regularly

Correct method for preserving leather shoes: Use shoe polish once a month. If possible, take your shoes to maintenance centers every three months for comprehensive cleaning and care.

Above is an article discussing the five common mistakes in preserving leather shoes that we have introduced to you. With this information, we hope that you will make the necessary changes and better preserve your leather shoes to keep them durable and beautiful!

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