Try this amazing method for proper leather shoe storage

Leather is a popular material, especially for shoes, because it is durable, stylish, and versatile. It helps you look elegant and beautiful with leather shoes. However, you also need to take good care of them to keep your shoes looking new and shiny.


Clean and wash your shoes

First and foremost, you need to keep your leather shoes clean at all times. This is considered the most important step and should be done regularly. Simply use a soft brush to remove dust and debris from your shoes after a day of wearing them. Next, it’s time to wash your leather items. Use a gentle soap for leather, gentle enough not to damage the material or any finish layers, yet effective enough to remove dirt and salt. Apply it with a damp cloth and make sure not to soak the leather with water. To make sure you have everything you need, you should consider investing in a good leather care kit. Once you have the whole set, it will be easy to keep your shoes looking their best.

Remove water stains and dirt

Have you ever noticed your leather items getting tarnished by what looks like water stains? That’s a very common issue and those are actually dirt stains. Dirt is used in the production process of most types of leather and when your shoes get soaked in water, those stains will float up to the surface of the material and leave hard-to-look-at marks. Your shoes can also get dirty with dirt as you walk outside, especially if you’re in an area with a lot of sand on the roads. While this doesn’t necessarily lead to damage to your shoes, it can ruin their appearance. When it comes to leather shoes, caring tips to remove these stains are a must. The best do-it-yourself solution is to mix one part white vinegar with two parts water. Stir the mixture well before soaking it into a clean cloth. Rub the stain with the cloth until the stain disappears.

Polish your shoes

Once you have used the leather care kit to clean your shoes properly, it’s time to move on to the next stage: protecting them! To prevent future damage and keep your boots, high heels, and sneakers in good condition, it’s important that you take the time to protect them. First and foremost, find a good-quality shoe polish. Some low-quality shoe polishes can ruin the surface of certain types of leather, which is something you definitely don’t want. If you can, you should opt for a polish specifically designed for luxury leather items as it will be the gentlest and most effective. Apply the shoe polish with a clean cloth or a soft brush, making sure to work the polish into every crevice of the shoe. If you’re looking to care for matte leather shoes, don’t overdo the polishing. As long as you only apply a thin layer and don’t spend too much time polishing the shoes, they won’t get too shiny. Even if they appear a little brighter than before, you should still protect them!

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Condition the leather

After you have beautifully polished your shoes, apply a quality leather conditioner to keep your leather supple, soft, and flexible. This will provide a protective layer to prevent the shoes from cracking, which is necessary if you want your shoes to last! Make sure you find a safe conditioner to use on all colors and concentrate on preserving the leather of the shoes.

Use a protectant spray

Lastly, it’s time to protect your shoes from external agents with a protective spray. Leather protectant sprays are usually the easiest to use. Just spray a quick mist onto your shoes and you’re fully set to take your shoes anywhere. Your protectant has to be water-repellent as well as protect against stains caused by salt and mud.

Store your shoes properly

You may not realize it, but how you store your shoes can actually play a significant role in how long they last. You can wrap wet leather shoes in newspaper overnight and let them air dry while keeping them in a cool and non-crush environment. This helps you keep their shape. Additionally, after you’re done wearing your shoes, you should put them in a shoe bag to prevent them from sunlight and dust from settling onto your shoes.

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Take the time to care for your leather shoes

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