Should You Discard the First Batch of Ice From a Newly Bought Refrigerator?

Samsung customers are being cautioned to get rid of the first three ice cubes manufactured by the company's devices before consuming them.


First of all: Why should users start with the refrigerator?

(A) Because the initial cooling helps the device function better.

(B) It may not be clean when first delivered.

(C) The refrigerator can be frozen upon first use.

Using a new refrigerator, you should discard the ice first - Why is that? - Image 1.

Image: CNET

Question and answer: (C) The first ice may not be clean

By carefully reading the instructions, users can find several reasons why they need to discard the first batch of ice. For example, Samsung recommends that customers discard the first 3 ice trays (around 30 ice cubes) before using the refrigerator.

The reason for this is that the initial cooling can cause chemicals to leach from the ice trays into the ice, making it impure. This is especially true for refrigerators with ice makers that use chemicals to freeze the ice.

Many Reddit users have shared photos of unusual things they found with their new voice assistants. One user, with the username Drestin Black, posted a photo of a screw embedded in an ice cube, which he claimed was the first ice cube produced by his refrigerator.

Using a new refrigerator, you should discard the ice first - Why is that? - Image 2.

A Reddit user found a screw in the first ice cube. Image: @DrestinBlack/Reddit

Another Reddit user discovered a wooden stick inside their first ice cube. This is not an uncommon occurrence. Many users have experienced discolored and gray ice cubes caused by residue from the manufacturing process.

Using a new refrigerator, you should discard the ice first - Why is that? - Image 3.

New ice cubes may be discolored or gray due to residue from the manufacturing process. Image: @SteveTakesAShot/Reddit

Experts recommend cleaning every part of the refrigerator, especially the freezer, with soap and clean water before use. It is also recommended to clean the first 2-3 meters of the water pipe, as the water used to clean the pipe helps remove any residue in the refrigerator.

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