Guide on How to Clean a Ceiling-Mounted Air Conditioner

Learn how to keep your ceiling air conditioner in excellent condition through several easy steps. This article will show you how to maintain and clean your unit for optimal performance. Don't miss out – check it out now!


How to Clean Your Ceiling Air Conditioner

Our services are designed to improve the cooling efficiency, lifespan, stability, and energy savings of your ceiling air conditioner. Trust our professional team to assist you in achieving these goals.

We are committed to providing high-quality air purification systems that effectively remove dust and other pollutants from the air. Our products create a clean and healthy environment, reducing the risk of skin and respiratory diseases. Trust us to deliver clean, dust-free air for your well-being.

To ensure your ceiling air conditioner remains in optimal condition, it is essential to address any potential problems promptly to prevent damage. Proactively detecting and managing incidents and risks in a timely and efficient manner is important.

Cleaning the air conditioner helps the machine operate well and last long

“How to Clean a Home Ceiling Air Conditioner in 2 Easy Steps”

How to Clean an Outdoor Ceiling Air Conditioner Unit

For your safety, follow these steps to properly clean your home’s ceiling air conditioner:

  1. Turn off the power. Unplug the power cord to cut off the electricity supply.
  2. Clean the ceiling air conditioner, taking necessary precautions.

Unplug the plug before cleaning the ceiling air conditioner for your safety

To facilitate the cleaning of the components, it is recommended to first remove the covers of the outdoor unit. Next, spray the condenser coil, fan, and cover with a spray nozzle to effectively remove any accumulated dust. Reinstall the details in the correct order after the spraying process is complete.

Cleaning the outdoor unit of the air conditioner

How to Perform Step 2 of an Air Filter Cleaning Process

To clean the air filter, use a vacuum cleaner or wash it with warm water and neutral detergent. After cleaning, make sure to wipe it dry and store it in a location shielded from direct sunlight.

Regularly cleaning the air filter enhances the machine’s ability to effectively eliminate dust particles and deliver clean air.

Cleaning the air filter for the ceiling air conditioner

Third Step: Cleaning or Replacing Plasma Filters

The Plasma filters of the ceiling air conditioner are located directly after the air filters. To ensure optimal performance, gently soak these filters in water with a mild detergent to clean them. This process effectively eliminates dust and mold, contributing to overall health and skin protection while preventing respiratory illnesses.

Cleaning the Plasma filters

Confirm No Leaks and Unwanted Noise with Step 4

After completing the cleaning process for the outdoor and indoor units, perform a test run to ensure there are no electrical or water leaks. If you notice any loud noises coming from the machine, turn it off immediately and seek assistance from the nearest warranty center.

Turn on the ceiling air conditioner to test

3 Indicators You Should Clean Your Ceiling Air Conditioner

One common indicator is the release of warm air from the ceiling air conditioner, accompanied by a reduction in cooling efficiency. Thoroughly clean the unit, especially after extended periods of use, to address this issue.

Another issue to address is a high electricity bill, which may indicate the ceiling air conditioner is obstructed by dust. This obstruction causes the machine to work harder to produce sufficient cool air.

Another indication is an unpleasant odor emitted by the ceiling air conditioner during operation.

Regular maintenance is crucial for the optimal functioning and durability of the ceiling air conditioner. Clean the unit every six months to maximize cooling efficiency and extend its lifespan.

Regularly cleaning the ceiling air conditioner every 6 months

If you have any inquiries regarding the proper cleaning of your ceiling air conditioner, we are here to help. Please leave your contact details below, and we will provide prompt assistance. The guide presented above serves as a valuable resource to effectively clean your ceiling air conditioner.

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