Healthy Fruit-Based Salads to Replace Chicken and Bamboo Shoots

Indulge in a healthier and more delicious version of chicken and bamboo shoot salad - a mouthwatering fruit salad! Find out how to make it here.


Fever has been causing a stir in recent days and is one of the popular rustic dishes that many people love. However, besides chicken and bamboo shoot salad, there are many other delicious and attractive salad dishes that you should try. Here are some salad dishes for your reference.

1Mango salad with Xiêm c?u

Mango with Xiêm c?u is a popular fruit this summer, not only used to make a hot hit dish but also can be mixed into salad. However, to make this salad, we do not choose young green xiêm c?u like bamboo shoots, but often choose mature xiêm c?u that is already ripe but still slightly hard.

Mango salad with Xiêm c?uMango salad with Xiêm c?u

After peeling the skin, the mango is cut into bite-sized pieces and soaked in ice water to keep its crispness before mixing with shredded chicken.

In addition, to add more flavor to the mango salad, many people also squeeze the mango to get the juice to mix with the dressing.

2Strawberry chicken salad

In the popular chicken salad trend, people have also discovered another chicken salad, which is strawberry chicken salad. In fact, the seasoning recipe and mixing method are the same, only the fruit is changed. These days, strawberries are ripe and appearing in every garden. Both ripe yellow and green strawberries can be used.

Strawberry chicken saladStrawberry chicken salad

After peeling off the outer skin, small and smooth pulp will appear. When mixing the salad with strawberries, there is no need to add too much sour seasoning because this fruit already has a sweet and sour taste, which helps refresh the thirst when enjoying it in summer meals.

Besides using boiled and shredded chicken, some families choose to make strawberry chicken salad by mixing it with shrimps and pork instead of chicken.

3Pomelo with shrimp and meat salad

In the pomelo season, you cannot miss a salad made from this fruit, with its tangy and sweet taste and abundant flesh. Pomelos are always easy to find, sometimes just need to pick them from the tree to have a delicious fruit. If necessary, you can buy some meat from the market, pick some shrimps and quail eggs right from your garden, roast some cashew nuts, and slice some peppers.

It only takes about 30 minutes to separate the pomelo flesh, prepare the ingredients, and a few minutes to mix them so that all the flavors are fully absorbed. Then, you will have a delicious pomelo salad.

Pomelo with shrimp and meat saladPomelo with shrimp and meat salad

Pomelo salad can be presented in impressive and beautiful ways, although it does not require complexity. Some people skillfully use pomelo peel as a plate to preserve the fruit, then arrange the juicy pomelo segments alternately with red shrimp and fragrant pieces of meat.

These components are adorned with peanuts, chili, and roasted cashews, creating an attractive landscape in the green pomelo, making people fascinated. To enjoy the pomelo with shrimp and meat salad in the typical way of the Western region, besides the usual bowl of fish sauce, you can have a plate of roasted rice paper and dried grilled snakehead fish mixed with aromatic herbs.

4Mango salad

In the North, there is a type of fruit often called red plum, however, in the South, it is often called m?n. Depending on the type of tree, the plums in the South are usually favored for their soft and juicy flesh, with a sweeter taste than bitter.

Especially, no one would have expected that these plums can also be used to make salad. The simplest way is to make plum salad with shredded pork skin, as the name suggests, just two main ingredients: sliced m?n and mixed with rich dressing.

Mango saladMango salad

If you want to make it more complex, you can mix m?n with carp and pork belly, and other familiar spices. When presented on a plate, the combination of the colors of shrimp, meat, and m?n together with herbs and roasted cashews creates a harmonious flavor of the countryside and rivers.

5Papaya with snail salad

In the West, there is a special salad called papaya with snail. This dish is considered a variant of papaya salad in the cuisine of the Khmer people in Soc Trang. Although the name seems strange, the preparation method is actually not time-consuming.

Papaya with snail saladPapaya with snail salad

You can choose a green papaya and shred it into thin threads, depending on your preference, usually using papaya with red flesh to create an attractive color. As for snails, you can use snails or bitter snails, but they need to be soaked and cleaned thoroughly before boiling with herbs and then extracting the meat.

In papaya with snail salad, besides cilantro, you should also add mint to enhance the flavor, and it can be served with fried flour. Papaya with snail salad has a characteristic refreshing taste, not too sour or sweet but suitable for the taste, giving a crisp feeling.

6Lotus flowers with shrimp and meat salad

Lotus fruits can be used to make soup, hot pot, candy, while lotus flowers can be used to make delicious salads. Lotus flowers usually bloom in the rainy season, around the 5th and 6th months of the lunar calendar. People will pick the lotus buds, then separate the stamens and white petals inside and soak them in dilute salt water.

Lotus flowers with shrimp and meat saladLotus flowers with shrimp and meat salad

Some people like to mix lotus flowers with chicken, fish, but most prefer the combination with shrimp and meat. Shrimp is grilled, pork belly is thinly sliced, and jackfruit is cut into slices, then mixed together with lotus petals.

People also add peanuts, chili, and suitable spices to create a salad with an attractive color and a sweet and sour dressing, which helps reduce the natural bitterness of lotus flowers.

7Daisy flowers salad

Daisy flowers do not have a gentle purple color like lotus flowers but attract everyone’s attention with their bright and vivid yellow color. In the floating season, people in the Mekong Delta often combine daisy flowers with dried shredded sweet potato to create a cool and fragrant salad, imbued with the sweetness of floating grass.

This dish evokes the characteristic taste of the Mekong Delta, where the color and aroma of daisy flowers combined with the distinctive taste of dried shredded sweet potatoes blend together.

Daisy flowers saladDaisy flowers salad

8Lotus flowers with sweet and sour dressing

In Lai Vung – the “Land” of lotus flowers in Dong Thap, people have created many unique dishes from this pure flower, although initially they were only used for ornamental purposes. In this region, people have created the lotus flower with sweet and sour dressing salad.

Lotus flowers are separated from the stalk, soaked in boiling water, and then soaked in cold water to keep the flowers crispy. The dressing is made from chopped garlic, chili, fish sauce, vinegar, sugar, and salt. According to the descriptions of many people, the lotus flower salad with shrimp has a sweet and refreshing flavor, with all the flavors of sweet and sour dressing, creating an exciting sensation for the taste buds.

Lotus flowers with sweet and sour dressingLotus flowers with sweet and sour dressing

With these 8 salad dishes that are no less delicious than chicken and bamboo shoot salad that we recommend to you, we hope to help you create more delicious dishes for your family.