How Long Should Water Boil to Make it Safe and Clean?

Are you unsure about the best way to clean your kettle? Bach Hoa XANH can help you discover the most effective and efficient cleaning methods!


A water kettle is an essential item in households. However, regular cleaning is necessary to maintain its functionality and prolong its lifespan. So, how often should you clean your water kettle to ensure good health? Let’s explore the answers in this article.

1. How often should you clean a water kettle?

Generally, it is recommended to clean the buildup inside the kettle once every 3 months to ensure clean water after each boiling. However, the frequency of cleaning may vary depending on the frequency of use and the water source in each household. If your family uses the kettle frequently with unfiltered water, the cleaning interval may be shorter.

The signs that indicate the need for cleaning are when the kettle loses its shine, develops a slight yellowish discoloration, and accumulates small scale deposits on its sides or bottom.

2. How to clean a water kettle

Cách làm sạch bình đun nướcCách làm sạch bình đun nước

To prolong the lifespan of your kettle, it’s important to know the proper cleaning method:

Step 1: Mix water with vinegar or bleach.

Step 2: Pour the mixture into the kettle and boil it for 10 to 20 minutes to remove any deposits or stains inside.

Step 3: Pour out the mixture and refill the kettle with clean water. Boil it again and replace the water.

Step 4: Repeat this process several times until the water is clear.

3. How to prevent buildup in the water kettle

Cách tránh cặn bên trong bình đun nướcCách tránh cặn bên trong bình đun nước

Lime scale can accumulate inside the kettle if water is left in it for too long after boiling. To prevent this, rinse and dry the kettle after each use. This will help avoid the formation of deposits and ensure the safety of boiling and drinking water. Additionally, using water filters can help remove impurities and reduce the buildup inside the kettle.

4. Precautions when using a water kettle

  • Do not move the kettle while it is in use and close the lid when boiling water.
  • Pour the appropriate amount of water to avoid damage or spills.
  • Unplug the power cord to prevent electrical leakage.
  • Only use the kettle for boiling water, not for cooking or boiling other foods.
  • Do not immediately pour out boiling water as the heating plate is still active and can cause burns or damage.
  • Wait for the kettle to cool down for about 30 minutes before boiling water again.
  • Plug the kettle into a separate outlet for safety.
  • Do not leave excess water in the kettle for too long to prevent damage to the thermal relay.

Lưu ý khi sử dụng bình đun nướcLưu ý khi sử dụng bình đun nước

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