How to Create a Budget-Friendly Banana Essential Oil With Discarded Banana Peels

Did you know that you can make a simple and economic banana essential oil at home with discarded banana peels? Bach Hoa XANH is here to give you the details!


After consuming a banana, most people discard the peel without realizing that it can be used to make banana essential oil. If you’re interested in learning how to do this, keep reading.

First How to Make Banana Essential Oil

Ingredients for Making Banana Essential Oil

  • Fresh banana peel
  • Almond oil or grass oil
  • Plastic bag

Ingredients for making banana essential oil
Ingredients for making banana essential oil

How to Make Banana Essential Oil

Step 1: Prepare fresh banana peels and cut them into small pieces.

Step 2: Put the cut banana peels into a plastic bag and tie it tightly.

Step 3: Use a beater to smash the banana peel until it becomes soft and smooth.

Step 4: Transfer the crushed banana peel into a glass jar and add almond oil or grass oil. Close the lid tightly and place the jar in a sunny spot. Remember to shake the jar once every 2 hours.

Step 5: Repeat steps 1 to 4, cutting and crushing the banana peel, and adding it to the jar with the mixture. Repeat this process until the banana aroma is strong enough.

Step 6: Prepare a sieve and strain the mixture to separate the banana peel from the essential oil. The filtered oil is the banana essential oil.

How to make banana essential oil
How to make banana essential oil

2 Benefits of Banana Essential Oil

Helps Moisturize Dry Skin

Banana essential oil moisturizes dry skin, making it smooth and hydrated. It also protects the skin from external influences.

Moisturize dry skin
Moisturize dry skin

Helps Fight Skin Aging

Banana essential oil stimulates the formation and reproduction of skin cells, helping to reduce the possibility of wrinkles.

Helps Remove Scars and Dark Spots

Banana essential oil promotes blood flow and stimulates the healing of scars on the skin, resulting in a rosy complexion.

Helps Strengthen the Immune System

Banana essential oil is rich in compounds that help strengthen the body’s immune system.

Helps Prevent Dandruff

Regular use of banana essential oil effectively limits dandruff and prevents scalp irritation.

Helps prevent dandruff
Helps prevent dandruff

Helps Prevent Hair Loss

Banana essential oil helps prevent hair loss, making the hair smooth and providing essential nutrients to the hair fiber.

Making banana essential oil from banana peel is a simple and cost-effective process. Give it a try!

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