Should You Install a Window in Your Bathroom?

Have you ever considered installing windows in your bathroom? In this article, we'll discuss the pros and cons of doing so to help you decide whether it's the right choice for you.


When designing a house, many people often overlook the importance of having a window in the bathroom. However, the window in the bathroom can have a significant impact and can even cause many consequences if not properly evaluated. Let’s find out if it is necessary to install a window for the bathroom.

1Should you install a window in the bathroom?

According to feng shui, the bathroom is considered the most accumulating place of negative energy in the house. This is especially true when the bathroom has no window, reducing the reception of natural light. Usually, the only source of positive energy in the bathroom is light from electric bulbs, but its ability to generate positive energy is not as good as natural light.

The bathroom accumulates a lot of negative energyThe bathroom accumulates a lot of negative energy

Without a window in the bathroom, the negative energy cannot be completely eliminated. Even during the day, the bathroom is still dark and gloomy and becomes a space of negative, cold, damp, and murky energy, which can negatively affect the health of the family members. Feng shui experts emphasize that the bathroom is a place with the ability to accumulate water. If the humidity is too high, it can be harmful to human health, especially when the bathroom is close to the kitchen area.

Damp bathroom can affect human healthDamp bathroom can affect human health

Water stagnation in the bathroom is the source of odor and can affect the health and mood of the people living in the house. Therefore, to improve the living environment, the bathroom should be equipped with ventilation fans or windows. This allows sunlight and natural air to enter the room, ensuring that the space is filled with sufficient light and air circulation. From there, negative and watery energy can escape, bringing in fresh, clean, and pure air, contributing to human health.

2How to overcome the lack of a window in the bathroom

The bathroom is an important part of the living space, but sometimes space limitations or surrounding space make it difficult to have a window in the bathroom. However, you can still solve this problem by applying the following solutions:

  • Instead of installing a window, use ventilation fans to ensure air circulation and freshness in the bathroom.
  • Another idea is to use artificial lighting in the bathroom to increase the brightness in the space and avoid a sense of darkness and gloominess.
  • To keep the bathroom clean and dry, you should regularly clean and wipe it. This helps eliminate odors and maintain a suitable environment for health.
  • Use light and bright colors such as yellow, sea blue, light pink, or ivory to create a comfortable and refreshing feeling.
  • The fragrance of perfume or essential oils can also help clean the space and bring a relaxed and comfortable feeling to the user.
  • Finally, placing a small plant pot or flower vase in the bathroom not only adds a decorative accent but also helps bring fresh and cool air to the space.

Ways to overcome the lack of a window in the bathroomWays to overcome the lack of a window in the bathroom

3Proper placement of windows according to feng shui

When building a bathroom, pay attention to important feng shui factors to create a good environment for the family. Here are some guidelines to note:

  • Optimize the bathroom space by avoiding placing the window directly opposite the main entrance. This helps avoid negative energy. If you cannot change the position of the window, you can hang a mirror above it to neutralize unwanted impacts.
  • Focus on installing windows that open outwards rather than into the house. This helps prevent negative energy from entering the space inside.
  • Create a reasonable space in the house by avoiding placing the toilet opposite the hallway, living room, and kitchen. This helps reduce the risk of intestinal diseases for the whole family.
  • If possible, avoid placing the bathroom window opposite a mirror. If you cannot change the position of the mirror, consider using a curtain to minimize the negative effects.

Proper placement of windows according to feng shuiProper placement of windows according to feng shui

  • Do not place the bathroom door opposite the stairs going down, as this can cause bad odors to spread to the living space and can affect the family’s fortune and health.
  • Create harmony and avoid conflicts in the space by not placing the bathroom door opposite any other room’s door.
  • To keep the space inside the house always fresh and good for health, limit leaving the bathroom door open for a long time and avoid odors spreading to other rooms.

The above is our sharing on whether to install a window in the bathroom or not. Thank you for following and hope this article is helpful to you.

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